WTS Rorq Pilot 32m sp jf/rorq/cap mover


starting bid at 35b

location high sec Jita 4-4

got a wyvern bpc set LOL

has 250,000 unallocated sp

no jump clones

mainly was a rorq miner and a super builder

no kill rights

positive wallet balance

over 1b in assets

daily bump

25b offer

na thanks for offer will start bidding at that maybe

26B isk now

make it 28b and we see has alot of assets on it only reason i want more than 30 but might let it go for 28

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26.5 bil

27 bill

highest bid now at 27b 24hr count down next bid will reset clock

27.5 bil

Kotori Tachibana now has highest bid with 27.5b 24hr clock reset

I’ll go 28 bill

Valorex1 now leads the bids at 28b 24hr clock reset

bumpy great price for a rorq char/ super builder/ jump freighter/ JDC 5!!!



zhongguo nanhai is now the lead with 28.5b

29B ready

29.5B over

Zhongguo nanhai now leads with 29.5b