Now that one can moon mine in 05 Security area, Does anyone know if one is able to manufacture rorqual in 05 complexes? The other question is are we able to utilize the rorqual for moon mining in 05 security area?

The Rorq is not specifically a moon mining ship, so I’m not sure why you might think CCP would breach the “no caps in hisec” rule here.


And no.

And in no way does CCP have plans for it, way, way, more then one needs in high sec (not that I’m against it, I’d take one).

The closest you are going to get to a capital ship in high sec is the Orca, Bowhead, and jump freighters.

You can manufacture capital components in highsec - but lowsec engineering complexes with the Thukker rig have a huge material efficiency advantage. You can build freighters, jump freighters and Orca in highsec.

Rorqual will not be permitted in highsec - since it would effectively be risk free mining with PANIC module plus CONCORD protection.

Different regions of space suit different play styles and have different risk/reward balance. If you want to moon mine with Rorquals, simply move to lowsec.

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