Need some info on using the Roqual

Hi guys… Before I start training up… Thinking of solo mining in a Roqual because it looks like it has some serious tank to survive a considerable attack or at least buy enough time before concord arrives… Is this a good idea…and can I keep it at any faction low sec station? Thanks in advance for any advise… :slight_smile:

Troll post. Rorqual + solo + concord. Sure.

Not a troll post… I want to find out how to use it…

There is no Concord in low sec space. So no, you will never have enough tank to buy enough time for concord to arrive because it never will arrive.

If you do not have the support of a decent fleet to back you up, you will just end up losing your rorqual. So it’s not a good idea to fly one unless you are part of a good group or Corp.

okay… so… I see some things need to be cleared up:

  • Capital ships cannot enter high-security space (1.0 to 0.5 space)
    – Exception: Freighters and Jump Freighters

  • NPC police do not really exist in low-security space (0.4 to 0.1)


The dynamic between Capital ships and Subcaptial ships is not really comparable to that of a level 5 character and a level 50 character… or a Patrol Boat versus a Battleship.

Bigger ships come with bigger costs… both figuratively and literally. Not only do they cost a lot to buy and fit, but they cost a lot in terms of skills and “support”… with “support” being defined as “people you can rely and call on for help.”

See… a capital ship (any capital ship) works best with other ships and almost never as a solo boat. That is because a capital ship’s point defense abilities are limited and can be easily overwhelmed by multiple, smaller foes.

There is a common saying among capital pilots: “If you see a solo capital, it is either a trap or a really dumb person.”

edit: To put it another way… if I was roaming around low-sec and saw a Rorqual in an asteroid belt on scan… I would immediately grab any ship (doesn’t matter what) with a warp disruptor on it and try to pin the Rorqual down… whilst simultaneously screaming in intel channels to grab their guns and assist.
I would probably die to a well fit Rorqual… but that bloodlust for an expensive kill… :wink:

edit 2: To answer your other question… yes, you can dock a capital ship in any NPC station. This does not apply to super capitals like Supercarriers and Titans which require some of the largest player made citadels in the game to dock.

Another thing to consider are the groups that specialize in booshing excavators. They won’t attack your Rorq but will warp in and boosh your drones out of your range and steal them.

Ahhh… Thank you so much for that useful info… I think that I’m going to give it a shot in low sec… Looks like it can be additionally tanked so it would take quite a bit to pop it… It will be fun to try it even if I lose it… Thank you again… :slight_smile:

… ooookaaaayyy…

Please note that this will be a short-lived 1.5+ billion ISK joyride.

It won’t be a matter of “if” you die, but rather “how long will you last” sort of deal.
And I can guarantee you will lose it within 2 outings into asteroid belts.

Maybe try a Venture?
Or have fun in a Procurer for awhile? (note: Procurers can be a legitimate threat to anything smaller than a cruiser).

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