Best single ship as a guardian for a Rorqual?


I want to guard my miner - a 6 Bil Rorqual. I can use only one Toon for this. What is in your opinion the best ship to go when you have only one ship. I know there are many situation where one ship cannot save you (gangs…). But in spite of all this what ship would you recommend as the “best” guardian for most situations?

Is it a Rattlesnake which can handle a lot of enemy force with drones? Or would you recommend a Tengu (stay cloaked until you see what happend). Do you think a Dread or Carrier is suitable for most situations but with really high cost of failures?

Comments welcome.

Shield fax or cyno recon.

Shield fax should hopefully be able to keep it alive long enough for backup to arrive.

Or a cyno recon cloaked on grid, to allow backup to jump into the action faster.

Both rely on backup, but the Rorqual (and PANIC module) is created for that kind of gameplay.

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Sry, to say - there is no Backup. This is one of my problems. The main Ally is in a different timezone. So I need something where I can destroy the tackling ship or ships.

I have no experience yet flying a Rorqual, but I’m pretty sure that any gang that takes on your Rorqual cannot easily be chased of by a single guarding Rattlesnake.

Depending on the size of the gang you could perhaps escalate with your own carrier or dread to chase them off if they aren’t suitable to kill both. But you risk getting both killed if there’s enough of them or if they have backup.

What if you put that second ship in a cyno recon in another system as a way out, and immediately jump in the face of danger? Means you cannot siege your Rorqual, but it’s better than dying with no backup.


It depends on the concrete system you are mining in, without this information it’s difficult to recommend something, sadly.

Problem with the ‘concrete system’ known, is that I would recommend to never fly a Rorqual in that particular system without backup. :yum:

Normally I mine in Delve 1DQ1 - oh, damn - this should be a secret :wink:

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best ship= friendship; if you don’t have back up i would strongly suggest you to NOT use your 6B rorq to mine
If you still decides to do it, then you will mostly need luck above any ship type: the luck of being tackled by one-two small tacklers, not bubbled (no dictor), while you are close from finishing your indy core cycle, and while the rest of enemy fleet is several jumps away, so that you can use your alt to kill the tackler(s) and then allow your rorq to warp out or jump out. In this situation, which will be very rare, you could use a ship dedicated to kill tacklers (svipul? loki?).
But if you get tackled/bubbled, you will loose your 6B rorq in 95% of cases

Speaking as someone with dozens of rorqual kills, there’s absolutely nothing you can field alone that fits your needs.

You need a large defense force (mass fast response subcaps or a cap umbrella) to defend against any kind of attacking group able to threaten a rorqual, as rorquals are fearsome pvp ships in their own right.


A shield super. But then you’d need a fleet to guard said super :smiley:
Point being: if you do not have a standing fleet to call upon, DO NOT use a rorqual (or at least do not deploy indy core). Every other ship on grid with you is one more reason to gank your both. Unless it is a cloaked recon with the sole purpose to cyno in the fleet.

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If you want to protect a Rorqual, you need a fleet, not a single ship.

If you can only use a single ship, fly a Falcon and have friends.

This was going to be my suggestion as well. The best way to protect your Rorq is to have your other ship be more valuable so it’ll get ganked first.

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It will be dead. If you will try to protect it with some other single ship, it will be dead too.

Need response fleet on standly with kikimoras or hecates minimum.

Its enough that one time wormhole will appear and someone spots you, then bombers are bridged on top of you and you may not be even able to use PANIC module, because you will be jammed.

So response fleet may be too late even…

Rorquals are for those alliances that have money to replace them. Not for individuals with alts.
Survival or accepting the loss of it must be dependent on many people.


Very clever - I see what you have done there.


If you value your rorqual then dont mine alone because people who are determined to kill it will bring a lot of ships. If you have friends on standby then by all means have a cyno ship like rapier or falcon. You could also have a Fax to rep your rorqual.

Prep work, roll holes and scout. Force Recon probably, CCP did say though, the best ship in eve is friendship.

It’s a mistake to mention this here, but maybe it won’t just teach some krabs some tactics but also make CCP realize this is still a big issue.

The Rorqual can activate MJD units and jumpdrive 100km.
The Rorqual can carry hundreds of mobile MJD units.
The Rorqual can deploy a MJD unit as soon as the old one is destroyed.
If the Rorquals MJD attempt gets stopped by a scram it can try again right away as soon as the scram drops, there is 0 cooldown.
This means to hold the rorqual a ship needs to permanently scram it.
However the Rorqual can also do 1500 DPS, fit a scram + web and 4 heavy neuts. This combination of mechanics makes any subcap without logi unable to stop your most broken ship in the game.
If you really want more support for your already broken ship, cloak a falcon at 100km and jam whatever scrams you.

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