Best shield Rorqual

Does anyone have a heavy tank fit for a Rorqual they can muster? I’ve been trying to look for a recent one but most are years old…

I can help you build a fit when I’m on, but no tank can save you if you are alone and have no intel

you just have 2 options -> maximum tank fit to survive until your Home Defense arrives or cheap as possible if you dont think you cold help from anyone

panic button and a response fleet, or you’re screwed.

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But the panic buton buys you just 7-9 mins, wich may be insufficient for a proper response fleet.

1x concord SB, 3x multispectrum ( c-types for budget, b or a for bling ), 1x X-type SB ampl and 2x Capital Cap Boosters + a cargohold full of batteries will buy you another 10-30 mins against a subcap gang.

if you don’t have a response fleet in warp to your position in less than 90 seconds you shouldn’t be out in your rorq.

(says the guy who has to date lost just precisely one rorq because he did the stupid TWICE, not only by soloing in a rorq being the only one in corp online at the time - hey I was drunk - but also by not having a panic fitted. RIP that rorq.)


I do have a response fleet so that is not a worry. Just wondering if someone has a up to date fit. My skills are pretty maxed for it been patient to fly one. Just having a hard time finding a 2020 fit everything is from 2016-2018.

What kind of rigs do you usually put on it for a tankier fit

Wait, you still wanna go mining, right?
Because if you wanna go mining you need the Mining rigs.

For fits just check zKill and play around in PYFA. You are going to refit all the time anyways, so it makes no sense to just hand you a fit.

The people in your response fleet may have an idea what kind of fit they would like you to use on your Rorqual for them to be able to save you in time.

Otherwise, zkillboard + pyfa is a good way to get up-to-date fits, if you can figure out why people fit certain ways.

If your rorqual is for mining there is no choice on rigs. 2xMDA II and 1xMDA I

Wallet tanking is an important factor too, the sooner you return the investment and start making profit, the lesser will affect you the eventual loss.

In fact, no mater what is your tank fit, you should get a mobile depot deployed at every moment, and have a couple of drone navigation computer in the mids for faster excavator, and switch to full tank mode only when you have intel of enemies approaching.

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