Rorqual Moon Mining lazer

This is an idea I had to get rorquals back into space, mine some of the unmined moons and maybe open the door for moon ore theft.

A High slot module for roquals that allows them to mine moons
The module would fire a volley of 10 missiles of any type at the moon to brake a chunk off. Then activates a tractor beem (built into the module) which would take 1 hour to drag the chunk to the rorqual, which its drones could mine.
can use any ship missile (different missiles would give different sized chunks, see below)
the Rorqual needs to be Siege for the hole time, but would be deactivated if Siege stops

How dose this help the game?
This would bring rorquals out into the open
This would mine moons that are not normally touched (Los-sec)
athnaors and Tatars would still be relevent because the can provide cover for mining ships and are set and forget.

The chunk size:
-should be small anuff for the rorqual to mine in one Siege cycle.
-I think the chunk size should be a function of missile damage determiners the base size of the chuck, and minimum velocity factor should but used to determine the veneration between the max and min size. for example (small missiles would give the smallest chuck but have the highest veneration).

minimum velocity factor
is the output from the calculate used to workout missile damage (sorce EVE Uni Missile mechanics - EVE University Wiki )
XL Torpedo 0.0035
XL Cruise Missile 0.00666
Rage Torpedo 0.0788
Fury Cruise Missile 0.102
Javelin Torpedo 0.158
Torpedo 0.158
Auto-Targeting Cruise Missile I 0.209
Cruise Missile 0.209
Precision Cruise Missile 0.279
Fury Heavy Missile 0.294
Rage Heavy Assault Missile 0.405
Auto-Targeting Heavy Missile I 0.579
Heavy Missile 0.607
Precision Heavy Missile 0.816
Heavy Assault Missile 0.808
Javelin Heavy Assault Missile 0.808
Fury Light Missile 2.07
Auto-Targeting Light Missile I 4.25
Light Missile 4.25
Rage Rocket 3.79
Precision Light Missile 8.16
Javelin Rocket 7.50
Rocket 7.50

So 60 minutes waiting around with my thumb up my ass for 5 minutes of mining? And if I desiege I have to wait another hour? How is that supposed to make any decent amount of ISK? Like I get that it shouldn’t pull up a 54 day moon chunk but 1/12th uptime sounds horrendously bad.

yeah but think if you have 100 or more roquals :slight_smile:

Yes, let’s make Rorquals incredibly useful but only if you have 100 or more Rorquals. I’m sure that will work out just fine.

(Result: Rorquals are useless for most players except in the groups that have 100 or more Rorquals in which it completely unbalances the game yet again.)

That just means I have 100 rorquals with 1/12th uptime. And easily more than a keepstar of isk on the field.

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