Make The Rorqual Great Again!

TLDR: slap on a material based Phenomena generation device to a rorqual to despawn then respawn materials from around the solar system to the rorqual.

concept: the ship goes into siege mode and you run a special core for the rorqual only, as you run it, it will start despawning resources within the solar system, asteroid belts, anoms, gas etc (for now I’m going to say excluding moon goo but honestly I’m on the fence about this one)

once this is done after say just as an example number 5 cycles, it will then start generating the same resources but in an asteroid field around the rorqual.

the long bit no one cares about:
so instead of having to move around to get resources, everything basically shifts to it, you ultimately want to create a set up where its short cycles to draw in the resources, but double that amount of cycles to respawn them, keeping you on grid for longer

through some recent events I know some people who did a moon det, then decommissioned their station immediately afterwards, however after down time the resources were gone, so instead of having the resources still present for about 2-3 days I imagine within the code if the moon rocks are there but the station is not the rocks despawns, you could do the same thing with these rorqual belts however.

this makes the rorqual into a resource pulling power house where everyone will want to be around both mining and defending, if someone gets their rorqual out it is now heavily defended due to the value that rests on the pilots shoulders and as a result everyone is going to want to be around the rorqual, because of the value of resources you have around you, if you chicken out, your group looses resources.

in my mind you can expand on the rorqual in several ways
first of all its my understanding that the rorqual can use the panic module only when sieging, but sometimes this isn’t enough.

here’s some extra options

  1. area denial anti subcap weapon
    this is basically a defensive flak weapon the concept taken from structure flak weapons and you slap it onto the rorqual, can only be used while in siege mode.

  2. mass resource destruction weapon
    basically does what it says on the tin you hit a button and you just waste the resources in the ores in the immediate area it would be cool as an AOE effect, but i’m also for the concept of having to manually det resources once at a time

basically couple the idea with this one: Rocks Which Go Boom!

I think having it work as an AOE effect would be substantially more awesome, making a battle rorqual a substantially feared ship, giving it that “i will lay down a log on everything you love” mind set.

creating a truly double edge sword approach where you could fly into solar systems, despawn and respawn resources and then nuke them out of the void of space (damaging enemy ADMs in nullsec) or increasing ADMs by doing the same thing but actively mining in a single area for friendly groups, taking the concept of the friendly rorqual and the battle rorqual and rolling them one absolute beast of a ship, while also making them much more of a juicer target to kill, especially given the resources it takes to build them, I think this works on a nice way to repurpose the rorqual making it truly the king of not just mining but resources.

creates reason to stay in siege and on grid
causes pretty big fleet fights for retro EVE awesome vibes.
upgrades the way the players interact with it and will make large groups improve the handling of rorquals.

literally will create a circular asteroid belt around itself as if it were a crown of rocks and other resources with the rorqual at the centre as the crowning gem to show its truly the king of mining and in offensive situations creates a figurative middle digit to the enemy.

in my humble opinion this is how you make rorqual pilots and large groups happy for their rorquals again, doing this would literally be able to spark a new era of resource warfare in the game.

this way instead of my other posts of a system wide effect, you create a player run function which does the same thing over time, big battles and resource waste warfare.

if you could make it so that the industry ADM’s or resources destroyed by the rorqual then have a lower chance of respawning making it so the system instead of having a basic level as it does now would actually then be low and thus substantially impacted, kind of like a nasty wound you just have to let heal up before you can start using it again properly, this way it causes players to hit one system at a time, hitting a constellation would take a week or so, hitting a region maybe about a month.

the big blue donut is breaking and the current state in my mind is a slow low burning ember, I like to think of this not as fanning the flames but more like throwing a leaky 55 gallon drum of gasoline into the mix.

Rorqual ■■■■■■ the game up. This will break it. ■■■■ no

or turn it into one of the most powerful ships uniting players with industry, mining and combat alike in both friendly mining ops and used in attacking rivals solar systems for ADMs

just control the rate of respawn but tie it to X module which can only be used when sieging, you stop the siege, you loose the resources all together.

in my mind, this will bring back alliance and big corp level mining operations like the good old days, to me this ticks all boxes

being able to nuke enemy groups resources only creates more demand for resources from that group, once their ratting ADM’s are too low, they gotta get creative.

@Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras god forbid you should have to do something immersive or be involved in something which effects more than just yourself

every single minable resource other than gas is desperately oversupplied. There does not need to be yet another source of more materials

Helloo forum :grinning:

Better: Slap on an ethereal based Phenomena Displacement Unit ( or PDU ) to a Large Hangar Bay and all materials in the solar system are automatically compressed and displaced into it.
Add a Materias based Cycle Generator ( or MCG ) and it can do it every 24h/7 days a week for 365.

Fifie & the future of automation.

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it doesn’t produce new materials, simply relocates them.
as well as becomes a massive factor in resource warfare.

my idea doesn’t prevent you from doing this, if this is linked to a module and you have to be sieged or cored to use it, so its optional, you don’t actually need it.
so your thinking if flawed, further more by moving the mountain itself could already create a tactical or strategic advantaged.

this defies the lore of the game.

each ship can be utilised in a variety of ways, this would be expanding on something which is actually in demand from the player base as well as spicing up a mechanic a lot of players hate.

thanks for the personal attack, however I suggest you put the doobie down for a bit.

He attacked the idea, not you. Theres a difference

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That wasn’t a personal attack on you. If you paid attention reading you would’ve noticed that I was attacking you idea.

Verbatum: Your idea is idiotic. And it is.

EVE isn’t your personal server, sir. Check yourself.
I’m convinced that the good devs at CCP aren’t as short-sighted as you are to allow such an abomination.

Good day.

I’m sure the brilliant and capable minds at CCP will be able to scale this appropriately. I would imagine they’d piggy back the module to be akin with existing compression cores, different and how you have types for different resources, it already exists and players are familiar with it, so its not too much of a stretch.

if CCP really wants to create more immersion in the game then there needs to be larger consequences to pressing your modules other than waiting for another ship to pop, or your mining drones to come in, especially when a ship is 2-5 bil for just the hull, 20 years ago this would of been an abomination but if you’re going to spend so much time invested in the game, both actively and passively skilling for bigger better ships, given that basically all of the sub cap stuff has been balanced or close enough, it would be pretty sweet if the capital ships are worth perusing for some reason and that reason being applicable to having fleet support, which then gives us in game reasons which effect us as pilots to fly in support fleets for these large ships, which gives us much more of the footage we see in advertisements over the years.

this obviously isn’t an attack at CCP, but with improved graphics, better servers, better ship balance, I don’t see why this type of technology can’t come into existence within the game, especially when there is support lore for it. we’re about to get ship casting technology to send ships to front lines from great distances which is likely an expansion of the 3rd type of space based transportation within the lore of this beautiful game.

when it comes to gaming there are two unwritten rules
make it fun
make it cool

usually people go with simply making it fun, which i don’t see why this wouldn’t be when considering friendly mining endeavours or resource warfare

if you can’t make it fun, you should at least make an effort to make it cool.

visually with the aesthetic upgrades EVE has that down, but are people really going to be interested in a 20 year old game where you take out a very expensive ship and semi afk mine with maybe some alts

or are we going to kick it up to top gear and think a little outside the box, what can be done with the existing mechanics & skill lists within the game to create an event in game which is formed by players flying ships, which in turn creates content for other people, is fun for all involved and is pretty damn cool sight visually, most important should you and your get welped somehow, at least you all had fun doing it, it will give people a reason to fly these ships they spent months if not years of their life training for, it will be fun for them and something new and cool

so, calling this idea as short sighted… not really.

I have never made the claim that this was my personal server, nor do I treat it as such, because clearly my posts to make more interesting content for all players is clearly selfish of me, what on earth was I thinking for wanting players to have cool features and lots of fun.

Resource warfare doesn’t exist. And if it did you wouldn’t be using a large, expensive, slow-moving asset for it.

I don’t know how I feel about a module that basically removes the sole downside of using a rorqual. Make it mutually exclusive with PANIC and then we’ll talk.

We already have a PDS for rorquals, it’s called large smartbombs. Rorquals are already highly resistant to capital assaults via super umbrellas, it doesn’t need a button to invalidate whaling fleets too.

The last one is a maybe for me. Probably the most implementable one currently. I’m not convinced it would be useful over an exhumer fleet with B crystals though, since that actually generates isk as well.

waste and type C crystals were put in soley for this purpose, moving enemy resources and destroying them would be a huge factor in this, you could have resource destroying weapons fitted to subcaps and exhumers, but if you’re going to put it onto a capital ship then its going to have to nuke everything around it like a boss.

I personally think having more visually appealing factors such as blowing up rocks would be a much cooler thing to watch then a fleet of mining ships grind away while trying to hold off an enemy fleet with drones.

well if i wasn’t clear, naturally my intention is that you can’t run both panic and this other module at the same time, in my mind you could have both equipped to the ship, but one would deny usability to the other.

this is partly the reason i proposed the flak defense idea, so you can flak your enemies for a bit while your core turns off, then you can hit panic, ultimately this is intended to keep the rorqual on grid for a while longer.

true a smart bomb could work just as well, but they’re very boring to watch, also you can’t make the assumption that every rorqual is going to be protected by a super umbrella, you have to think of players who may not have this level of support, the rorqual is in essence a space bound fortress of industrial might, so lets treat it like that. other than smart bombs, panic and defensive drones, it doesn’t have anything to really give it any breathing room, you’re either on the rorqual or your not, i like to think of this more as a temporary physical buffer.

I’m not sure what you mean, for the record I’m not suggesting the rorquals mining yield be changed in anyway, so an exhumer with the right crystals will still out mine a rorqual with its eyes closed.

but I think using advanced technology to move targeted resources from across the solar system to a singular location so they can be harvested or destroyed by friendlies is a pretty cool idea, I don’t feel this technology is applicable for smaller ships, but when we’re talking capitals and the massive amounts of power and computer processing, it does make more sense given the tech levels and lore of the game, it might be a pain to code but it would generate content and fun for everyone involved.

further more just for clarification there is no actual requirement to fit this proposed module onto your rorqual, so you can still fly the rorqual as is, but the ability to pull resources to you would be pretty convenient for solo pilots, mining ops and fleet ops for attacking enemy resources, specifically it makes that last option much more feasible.

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