Ruh roh raggy, air daily goal bonus un-reward

I’m not really sure where to post this, but…

Not sure if any of this is relevant, but…
Bug happened on a steam account after the npc kill quest completed
Killing npcs in anomalies with a character flying a kestrel.

Tested on the same account with another character flying a Tristan
Didn’t get a repeat bug.

update: I clicked the “claim all button” on this screen and it gave me the sp, but the ui is still messed up.

The thing that tipped me off to look here, is the “reward tab” had a 1 marked where it says 0 currently.

So the lesson to be learned here is… Don’t complete all the daily activities? :smiley:

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No, it bugged out from the beginning when I finished the combat missions. I did the rest to see if I could get it to complete, and see if I could find a pattern in for the bug. I have a few alts which I plan to run the dailies on as well to see if I can get the bug to repeat, but I haven’t done it yet.

recommend using the in-game bug reporting tool via F12 shortcut → Report Bug so this can be fixed.

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Already did. :slight_smile: I wanted to post it here in case other people were having a similar issue.

bumped this into General Issues - EVE Online Forums

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Cool, ty.

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