Rule of Six -- Scanning Question

Hi… for a while now, I’ve wondered if I didn’t fully understand the Rule of Six or whether I was just imagining things but I think I’ve finally gotten a screen shot that makes me doubt whether this is actually a “rule” or not.

Untitled picture

If you see in this picture, isnt this demonstrating a violation of the Rule of 6? You can see that there’s a node surrounded by six others… all connected… and, yet, only one of them is a Restoration Node. Shouldn’t this fall under the rule, such that one of those other nodes should be the System Core or else there shouldn’t be a Restoration Node there?

If not… can you help me understand what I’ve misunderstood about the rule of six? Thank you…

I never understood that rule or why it was even so popular. A more reliable rule is “go to the edges”. Most of the time, nodes are somewhere near the four corners than in some 6 nodes hexagon.

If I remember from my hacking days, a central node in the full cluster of 6 will be either 1) empty or 2) contain a defensive subsystem. If it has a defensive subsystem then the system core is on one of the six surrounding nodes. Once I got into a chain of those full clusters I could just blaze right through.

I never saw a lot of truth to the “edge rule”.

But I do believe there is some kind of “far corner” tendency in effect.

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Rule of six says that 6-neighbourg nodes are safe.

In your case you have 1.2.3 nodes on the top,
4.5.6 nodes in the middle,
7.8.9 nodes in the bottom,
and 10,11 off-screen nodes in the bottom.

Node 3 is a baddy
Node 5 is surrounded by 6 nodes so safe
Node 8 is also surrounded by 6 nodes so also safe.

This screen does not disproof that rule.

Ok, so your point is that one “rule” is that any node surrounded by six nodes (whether they are empty, good or bad) will be safe?

But, there is another rule that people talk about which is that within one of those safe-nodes-surrounded-by-six formations, that none of those seven nodes will be a baddy node EXCEPT in cases where the system core is also present in said formation. At least… that’s how i’ve understood it and I think for THAT rule, the screenshot i posted does call that into question.

however, i am willing to believe that oald has a point, that my example is literally the corner of the map and could constitute an edge case (literally)…

This is what I understood the ‘rule of 6’ to be. If the central node of a hex was something other than empty or the system core, the system core would be in one of the six surrounding nodes of the hex.

Although I use this, I also just race to the opposite part of the board from where I started, then go around the ende, then fill in whats left.

Nah, the rule of six is that IF the node surrounded by 6 nodes is a baddy, THEN the core is in those 6 surrounding.
So just open the middle of six nodes. if you find a baddy, it means the core is adjacent.

Hehehe Does anyone really know what the rule of six is or are all of these statements really equivalent? Anyone here an expert with Venn Diagrams? Yuck yuck yuck o7

yeah sorry it’s been long time since I used that…

this is what i always assumed the rule of six to be

Yeah the one before I forgot to mention the core ^^