BUG(?) Union Day hacking sites breaking the "Rule"

So in hacking there’s a mechanic where any node surrounded by six other nodes will always be empty, aside from, possibly, the objective node you need to destroy to win the game. I’ve noticed multiple instances of hostile nodes being present in these spots through doing numerous union day sites. What gives? I suppose it’s possible that they decided to discard this rule for this event to make the sites harder…but that isn’t communicated anywhere, and the reward for these sites is so pitiful already that I don’t see why they would want to increase the difficulty.

I think you misinterpret the rule of six you refering to. A node surrounded by six nodes can contain a hostile node, which is normally an indication that one of the surrounding nodes is the objective.

If I misunderstood you, sorry

Ah that sounds right. I misremembered how it works

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