Running Up a Bunch of Timers

If a group wanted to blow up a structure, but the defenders have multiple structures in a constellation that the attackers are indifferent to, does it make sense to ref all of them so that the true target is unknown? Poke every moon, every Fortizar, and every POCO. The defenders will be set with 3-13 timers which exhaust their allies if they ask for help. I’m assuming the attackers have the firepower to go through with a fight against the desired target since… well why would they start a fight if they weren’t going to win it?

Or they could just drop 5 more structures in adjacent systems.

Boring your enemies to death by forcing them to grind structures is incredibly effective.

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We do this a lot, run up a bunch of timers. Destroying a bunch of structures in one sitting. If there is over you just need 1 ship to pause a timer. If there is a defence the current structure is paused and the fleet focus on the defended one.

At the same time how do you trick somebody doing as you suggest? They will know what you are attacking and defend that if they have the numbers regardless how many timers you create. A structure not being attacked is repairing. They don’t need to be everywhere, they just need to be where you are.

There’s possibilities if you play it like the boy who cried wolf. If you constantly poke at their infrastructure but don’t have the numbers to force things, you’ll eventually find a moment where they’re complacent and are occupied/under-strength and can have a more serious attempt at something.

Long ago, did see some blues get a bunch of stuff referred and then when the armor timer came, only the Azbel was hit (and then on the hull, it went down). As for why the 7 athanors, the Fortizar, and few POCOs were reffed but not blown up… I don’t know. The attackers clearly had enough number to hit get one structure despite the defenders’ best efforts. They could have blown everything up but went for a single target. My best guess is that they only had one target.

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Sure, but sometimes people just don’t have the man power or like you said just have a meh day.

If you have the numbers… and anal enough to remove structures so your existing customers can expand.

Then wiping out an entire system is trivial.

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