Rusted and Rejuvenated [RRUST] is now recruiting pilots for small gang null sec PvP

great lads, come join

Looking for members still


10/10 great corp, would become CEO again

Still looking for some boys come join up and shoot the Russians

Fun people and good players. If you want PvP of all types (Duo/Small Gang/ Fleets) this is the place for you. Oh and all former Cal-Mil FW recruits apparently get 5 exotic dancers courtesy of Vlad. xD

Still looking for bros

Still looking for members to fly with us, hit me up if interested.

Still looking for some cool dudes to fly internet spaceships with

Looking for more buddies.

That fleet was crazy! We should run it like that again!! I love flying with these guys!

These guys are GREAT pilots, come fly with them!