Rusted and Rejuvenated [RRUST] is now recruiting for null sec PvP

Rusted and Rejuvenated is now actively recruiting! Formerly a Member of the Last Republic Alliance doing Cal Mil, we now have moved to nullsec in pure blind with Spacemonkey’s Alliance! We are currently looking for people who have moderate experience who are interested in a null sec experience that isn’t a part of the big blue donut. Our space is extremely active with tons of targets to shoot at and alliance members ready to be thrust into the unknown.

Below is what we offer:

  • Nullsec ratting
  • Solo and Group pvp opportunities
  • Nullsec Mining and Production Facilities
  • Alliance SRP for major Opps
  • Coalition Fleet opportunities
  • A active high sec to low sec to null sec pipe
  • Opportunities for training
  • FC opportunities
  • Corp Logistics
  • NA TZ Corp Ops

If you would like to inquire about joining us please feel free to reach out through our recruitment channel “Rejuvination Lounge” or PM the following leadership:

CEO: Levi Jameson

Admiral: Saladon Dragonfist

Vice-Admiral: Vladamier Donvendonish

You can also comment below and we will get back to you ASAP. We look forward to playing with you soon!


We are still looking for a few good players!

Still looking for players. Come shoot stuff in pure blind instead of seeking death on a keepstar in delve.

Good people, interesting space. Hit us up if you’re looking for the sov null experience without the soul-crushing 12 hour lag-fests

We have gotten a few more good pilots, feel free to join the party!

Looking for members still.

Just joined! Solid group of dudes building a strong community! Come have fun, see some space explosions, and make some isk in null sec with us.

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