[-S.3-] Southern Star Syndicate is looking for corporations and pilots! || Sov Null || Wicked Creek

Corporations and Pilots Welcome!

With the announcement of the creation of a big bloc no fly zone in the Southeast, for the first time in a long time, EVE actually will have meaningful small and mid sized content in sov null. Because of that fact, S3 formed amongst a group of like-minded EVE veterans to engage in new, refreshing content after years of stale big bloc pvp.

While exactly one week ago, this alliance was a conversation between two people, we’ve put together a veteran leadership team of former alliance and coalition level leaders and have rapidly developed a strong cooperative culture to achieve our goals. We are an ambitious group of pilots and will never be content with simply scraping by.

We already offer ratting in great true sec and will soon be able to offer moon mining and industrial facilities in Wicked Creek.

We also have an experienced FC team ready to provide content as the scramble for the south continues, all we ask of you is that you come out here with us with a good attitude and make things more deader.

Corp (Vulture Enterprises [-VULT]) In-game channel

“Flock Together”

Corp [-VULT] recruiters (in-game name) :

MintyRoadkill (Co-CEO)
Samm Gengod (Co-CEO)

Alliance [-S.3-] Discord:

Alliance [-S.3-] Diplomats:

MintyRoadkill (Co-CEO [-VULT])
Samm Gengod (Co-CEO [-VULT])
Draken Forlorn (CEO [RSGCY])
Rhaeghar (CEO [HOCI])

I’m interested in getting involved with the newly freed up block of space in the southeast. So much so that I reinstalled after a year or so break from the game. Shoot me some details via eve mail and I’ll give ya a run down of my experience.

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