S0Ns of BaNe Alliance accepting Corps for 0.0

Sons of Bane is accepting corporations wanting a home in 0.0. Based in Geminate, we are a member of Winter Co. Primarily USTZ and EUTZ with a dash of AUTZ. We offer daily PvP content, indy and pve sig groups . We are looking for corps of all types who wish to operate in null. We come with a chill attitude, but pull together when its time to handle business.

We actually understand that RL doesn’t always play well with EvE, so we have set up a structure that mitigates overload of our members by avoiding unnecessary requirements. If you are looking for a place where you can expand your corps horizon, be with members who give a damn and will provide support that you need, then feel free to contact us.


Small Gang PvP

We have been flying small-gang for most of our entirety. We’ve almost always fight outnumbered and we enjoy the challenge as it keeps us on our toes. We believe this is the best way to teach those who aren’t experienced the skills needed to succeed on grid.

Large Fleet Engagements

Though we love the small-gang fun and promote it daily, living in Null requires having numbers and so being apart of Winter Co., we have accepted the will of TiDi and can offer large fleet operations with the Coalition to ensure our prosperity and the prosperity of our friends.


  • Established Industrial Infrastructure
  • Special Interest Groups “SIGS”
  • Several options for PVE and ISK Printing
  • Logistic Services
  • Easy access to Jita (Less than 10 jumps)
  • Competitive Buy back programs
  • Our Own Market to seed and use
  • Capital Production
  • SRP "Ship replacement Program
  • FC’s to provide content and kill board padding
  • NewBro Friendly and training sigs
  • Discord Coms


  • Active USTZ / EUTZ and AUTZ Corps
  • PVP, Mining and Industrial Corps
  • Corps who have and want experience in 0.0
  • Team players, members who want to integrate and succeed together!

If Interested, please contact me in game or discord:

or join our in-game channel



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