Saeder Krupp Heavy Industries is recruiting for HS life and WH shenanigans

Saeder Krupp Heavy Industries is an Amarr based HS and shortly to be WH corp. We are a Real Life first corporation who focus more on activity among the members than we do on isk, killboard stats, or really anything else. We have plans, grand ones, but that comes in time, first we must acquire our initial playerbase.

What we are looking for:
-new and returning players
-miners and industrialists
-mission runners
-WH enthusiasts
-PvPrs interested in the above

What we are attempting to avoid:
-focusing on numbers rather than quality or the initiative of pilots
-alliance/coalition warfare
-drama (it does not exist here, if it begins both parties are gone, no questions, no exceptions)
-repetition, eve is played best when their is variation or things get tedious, we intend to keep various activities available throughout our primary time zone to ensure boredom, tedium and the inevitable grind are only so irritating.

What we offer:
-CEO with over 17 years in the game (mostly in admin and FC positions)
-Max Orca Boosts
-Opportunity for promotion as the corp grows by getting in sooner than later. Eventually we will have quite intensive application requirements (skills wise)
-Elite play, we have no intent of slumming it, instead we use the good stuff, because we have the skills and we can, noone ever had fun keeping their shinies sitting in a station 99% of the time
-Amarr LvL 4s with Every Amarr NPC corp , so we can help with Faction Standings.

If interested feel free to eve mail me @ Byakuya Musashi, reply here, or join our in game channel SAEDER-KRUPP HEAVY INDUSTRIES to speak to a recruiter.

Thanks for your time, and fly dangerous,
the S-KHI team

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