110m SP USTZ LF *ACTIVE* WH any class

Hey everyone,

Been playing EVE for a long time. I have experience as:

  • CEO of an Indy/Mining corporation.
  • Industrial director of a FW corporation.
  • Junior FC of a FW corporation.
  • Plenty of experience with small and medium gang PvP.
  • 5 years WH experience (both in corps and solo - tried playing in K-Space after TDSIN but just couldn’t stay interested).
  • Experience flying Logi.

My main character has 110m SP, mostly in subcaps with solid leadership skills, but can fly a couple of dreads. Currently working on Logi V and the Triglavian set of skills.

I also have a smattering of alts, mostly PI/mining but some research/invention/production as well.

What I’m Looking For

I’m looking for a medium to large sized, active WH corporation, independent or part of an alliance. I want to park my alts to do PI/invention/production while PvPing on my main. A corporation that is not allergic to the harvesting/production side of the game would be a bonus. I am self-sufficient and will join PvE fleets primarily for the social engagement rather than ISK. I am the type of player who supports my corporation through hauling and manufacturing (fuel mostly). I am a conflict oriented player, and would prefer a group that is actively engaged in the current “shake up” taking place in WHs. My current leaning is towards FHC, but I am not opposed to the so-called “WHCFC”.

I’m an open book regarding my history in EVE Online, so ask me anything. Full API/ESI/SEAT or whatever the kids do these days upon request. Thank you.

@BearThatCares sounds like one for you.

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Thanks for the reference.

@Xuixien we blow up things and are active. Feel free to stop by for a chat :slight_smile:

Just got back yesterday from an exhausting eviction.

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