Hello everyone Wrathful Hawk here,

With the recent changes to high security space involving docking and tethering, we surprisingly have received an unprecedented amount of applications to join our alliance to continue the onslaught.

With this insurgence of member acquisition we are now expanding into more areas to spread our influence even farther.

So I figured why not make a small cinematic video celebrating our expansion with the masses.

From the ones that brought you Orcageddon, we expand into a new age of New Eden Ganking, UNHINGED.


I hope you enjoy the video and I certainly hope we cross paths, where ever you might be :wink:

-Wrathful Hawk


Nice video. It’s been a long time since I participated in the New Order but I appreciate seeing Safety carrying the torch and adapting to the times.

Ganking is super fun.

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Awesome video!

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