Saint Torus Arzad, saviour of the Starkmanir

I recently came into possession of a copy of a work titled “The Book of Saint Arzad”. Which purports to be an account of the life and work of a man called Arzad, a Holder on the planet of Arzad, which as everyone knows was the home of the then Starkmanir Tribe of the Minmatar. Now then, this chap Arzad, apparently educated and inspired the Starkmanir to become Faithful and worship God in their own way. And seemingly Arkon Ardishapur disagreed with all this, and had this Arzad fellow tried and convicted of heresy, and he was executed.

Now then, here’s the thing. Apparently, this Saint Arzad was dead for several months, when he suddenly appeared before a Starkmanir slave, and gave the slave a sceptre called the “Wildfire Sceptre”. Now the thing is, that this object is now better known as a “Khumaak”, a symbol of rebellion. Because the Starkmanir fellow that Saint Arzad gave the sceptre to, a fellow named Maak, was the chap who struck down Arkon Ardishapur, initiating the Starkmanir Rebellion, which ultimately led to the Ardishapur fleet bombarding the planet and as far as anyone knew, exterminating the Starkmanir.

So why does this matter ? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Because, if we study the symbology involved, it leads to some dramatic and startling connections.

Let us consider the words of the Apocryphon, the key text of the Sani Sabik.
“My word lies within all, All it requires is the breath of faith, To ignite the fire, So the lost can find their way, So the fallen can rise, To take their place as my chosen, For you are all my creation, And are all equal in my kingdom.”
Ignite the fire. Well, consider again the name of the sceptre. The “Wildfire Sceptre”. Curious, eh ?

Now let us consider this Arzad fellow. We can see he was wise, inspiring, and capable of autoresurrection. Truly a savant, or a messenger of God, no ?

So we see that Saint Arzad, by educating the Starkmanir in the ways of the Faith, and by giving Maak the sceptre, it ignited a chain of events where the Starkmanir threw off their shackles of slavery and rose up.

The implication here is that the Starkmanir were supposed to take their place as one of God’s Chosen Peoples.
And Arkon Ardishapur screwed that up by massacring them, the cad.

Now then, the Starkmanir Rebellion, while in itself a failure, did later serve as one of the inspirations for the greater Minmatar Rebellion, where the Minmatar as a whole threw off their shackles and rose up.

So we can see, that the Starkmanir, and the Minmatar as a whole, were supposed to be taking their place as one of God’s Chosen Peoples, and that the Amarr authorities largely screwed that up. Ooopsie.

Now then, what does this mean today ? Well, it’s simple. Occasionally you get some daft tube of a 24th Crusade militia pilot who’ll announce something about conducting a massive “sacrifice” of Minmatar slaves, to glorify God or something. Or to pledge allegiance to the Blood Raiders.

Which, given that the Minmatar, as have been explained above, are also one of God’s Chosen Peoples, then it is most definitely not an act of piousness, but an act of blasphemy.
Which means anyone conducting mass sacrifices of Minmatar, is in fact blaspheming against God, and should be shunned by any right-thinking Faithful.

So, let that be a lesson to you all.

Anyone who can’t reach this conclusion without some crazy blooder’s ramblings is a monster and should be more than shunned. They should be destroyed.

Mass sacrifices are blooder heresies.


Arsia dear, Ssssshhhh. You are not the intended audience of this.

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I don’t care. I had something that I wanted to say and so I said it.

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Mass sacrifices of baseliners “to glorify God” are uniquely Napkins thing. Like most of us eggers, he never learns. Now, to the Covenant part.

I am well sure that you, Valerie, being the most fun Sani Sabik philosopher of the modern age, do know, that in the Covenant paradigm, only the clone blood is considered pure. Thus, any baseliner sacrifice is worthless; deaths of the common people serve nothing.

Deaths of the self-proclaimed demigods bloated with ISK, however, will do fine.

So, my message to any Sani Sabik who reads this is: leave the lesser beings alone. Their deaths, noticed by noone, won’t help your ascension. Kill the ones who were marked at birth, who were chosen to rise to the stars. They won the DNA lottery, it means nothing. They are few, you are many. Kill them. Open their pods. Taste their “immortal” flesh, fake, like everything else about them.

KILL CAPSULEERS IF YOU CAN. ALL OF THEM. Those are things dressed in murder, so let their violent delights have the violent ends. Kill the “chosen” to become the ones who are truly chosen.

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Arzad Hamri was a liberal. He studied the culture of his slaves. He worked side-by-side with them in the fields. He gave them days off work. He built them education centers.

And how did the slaves respond to this generosity? With assassination and revolt. Give a man and inch and he takes a mile.

This is God’s reason for allowing the Starkmanir revolt: that the Chosen be taught the evils of liberalism. Rather, let us follow the old dictum with regard to our slaves: Give them nothing, but take from them…everything.

The 24th Imperial Crusade is replete with heretics who remain at large for the mass sacrifice of slaves in Arzad and Huola. Additionally, I remember reading of a mass sacrifice in the system of Kahah. Hardly unique to Nauplius, at any rate.


With rabid loyalty. ‘Assassination and revolt’ came in response to the Amarr putting him to death. So if the Starkmanir revolt is a warning from the Amarr god, the warning seems pretty obvious: ‘Play nice, or the people you abuse may kill you’.


The wise speak when they have something to say.
The foolish speak when they have to say something.

So which are You, Arsia ?

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Wise. I had something to say.

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