Saints Of Havoc is RECRUITING!


Saints of Havoc is for casual players who are looking for a stable place to call home. In Saints of Havoc, you have the opportunity to thrive in many ways. We are proud members of the Sov Holding Alliance Requiem Eternal )

We understand that not all players are able to dedicate all of your time to Eve and are looking for a casual environment and we respect that. If you need to get the kids to school, mow the law, or go drink beers with your neighbour we don’t mind. Our Leadership understands that real life comes first, and we don’t want anyone getting burnt out. In SoH you’ll never be pinged at O-Dark-Thirty to form up.

What we are:

  • Friendly with decades of experience.
  • Active corporation members in most time zones. We are working on building our AU timezone.
  • Active Alliance members in all time zones, that are always willing to forum up for defence.
  • A group that finds satisfaction in building things and blowing things up!

We are looking for:

  • Die-Hard PvP pilots*
  • Miners
  • Ratters
  • Weekend Warrior

Members who join Saint’s of Havoc will be required to join Alliance level PvP events. We are looking for members who aren’t scared to show their teeth from time to time but are able to make a living while doing so.

We only require four things from members.

  • An Interview
  • Standard SSO Check
  • An understanding of English, and the ability to speak basic English.
  • An unfiltered sense of humour.

Account requirements are as followed:

  • 5 million skillpoints.
  • The Ability to fly an Interceptor.
  • The Ability to fly a small selection of doctrines required for Alliance Operations.
  • Omega Accounts and a lifespan of at least 30 days.

An advance notice. Due to current coalition politics, we are unable to accept members with odd employment histories. We can talk about this in our Public channel. SoH-Public .

Join our Public Channel SoH-Public and see where you can fit into our wonderful corporation.

Saints Of Havoc | Corporation

Saints Of Havoc: 9,159 ships destroyed and 4,159 ships lost.

This is the best damn corp I ever been in! Everyday is like Macho Man Randy Savage snapping into a Slim Jim. We’re mining roids. We’re building spaceships. We’re sniffing out the enemies crotch and roundhouse kicking him square in the balls Chuck Norris style. Coupled with inappropriate jokes and cupcakes. We also have cupcakes. Drop by our public channel…have a few laughs…

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+1 Bump :slight_smile: We also have our very own Corp Mascot

His Name is Saint!! as you can tell we love cats in this corp LOL. Come by our pub channel SOH-Public and lets have a chat. :wink::cat:

+1 Bump. We are looking for Miners and peeps that like to do PVP. Join our public channel and lets chat SOH-Public

+bump. Looking for some British dudes! Also…still the friendliest corp of all the times.

+1 bump more…also looking for british ladies. We’re not picky.

+1 Bump!!!

Saints Of Havoc is looking for awesome people that like to mine and pvp!!

What do we offer:
Inappropriate jokes and conversations
Laid back atmosphere
Skill books if required
be in an awesome corp!!!
Alot of cat references :cat:

Join our public channel SOH-Public.

Hope to chat with you soon :rocket:

Most of what they say here is true :slight_smile: I joined a few years ago and never looked back. A great bunch of people to play the game with.

We are active in a range of TZ’s.

+1 Bump!!! Join our public chat SOH-Public and see what we are about :wink:

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