Saints of Chaos - [SIT3X] is recruiting. A nullsec Au & Us tz PvP corporation

You there, Eve Online player, are you looking to fill that empty, cold void in your heart? Do you feel like you could become something more in this game? Do you hear the endless riches of space calling out to you in the night, just out of your reach?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, congratulations, you’re exactly what we’re waiting for. We’re waiting with open arms in Feythabolis, where we have officially made it our business to actively mess up everything we see flying that isn’t blue. You want some carriers? Hell yeah! Roams? Just ask! We’ve got a USTZ/AUTZ majority, with some capsuleers that have been with the game for years.


-A team player attitude, someone who wants to be more than just an F1 pilot. We have a lot of our own content outside the nullbloc and we want members who will participate.

-Willingness to use Ts3/mumble and Discord

-All Super and Titan pilots to either have or actively working towards fax alts.

-Omega Status accounts


-Ratting and mining space as well as the infrastructure to build anything you want.

-The constant company of corpmates, most of whom want to make your life a little bit less empty. Maturity not guaranteed.

-Fully fit ships and/or modules, available at a special corp discount price! Want to make your own? Well, you’ll have free access to our extensive list of BPCs, including capitals. As well as a free cache of doctrine ships available per use.

-One on one isk making advice tailored to you in game interests. A lot of people get lost or hit a wall and are suddenly stuck Ishtar ratting for 3 years. Let us help you out of this and maximize your isk and fun.

-In-corp Fcs with varying styles of play to maximize content.

If any of this sounds like the best goddamn space party this side of Jita, you can either send your love and evemails to Zeus Twelth, or join SIT3X Public in game.

We also have Discord

[SIT3X] Is still recruiting.

We are still recruiting.

We are still recruiting, even though au and us are our main tzs are are growing our eu.

Still looking for new members.

We are still recruiting

[SIT3X] is recruiting

We’re still recruiting.

Still recruiting.

We are still recruiting.

We’re still recruiting!

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting across all timezones.

We are still recruiting

We are still recruiting!

Still recruiting!

We are still recruiting.

Still recruiting.

SIT3X is Recruiting

We are still recruiting.