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(Sho Maac) #21

<-- This guy - former Bittervet that was looking to come back to EVE after a long layoff. SoH was just what I needed: opportunities for PvE, PvP, industry and just the right amount of structure. I don’t even like cats that much and i STILL joined.

The hell you waiting for? Come join us.

(Faramir Joyce) #22

What all these guys said, and you get to hang out with Lynx… I mean… come on. We’re having a great time and it’s stress free. If you like the game but the people you play with make it awkward, you should probably hang out with us.

Hit up our channel in game to talk SOH-Public.

(Jules Spiritdream) #23

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We are looking for Pvper’s, miners and returning old bitter vets :slight_smile: Please join our public channel SOH-Public

(Jules Spiritdream) #24

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(Faramir Joyce) #25

After some heroic PvP (read, fought well and lost) we’ve moved into a really nice spot for mining, ratting, building and a bit of PvP on the side in a stable coalition.

I’d still recommend us as a relaxed group to play Eve with, come chat!

(Proteus Cronus) #26


(Jules Spiritdream) #27

We are LOOKING for you!!! We are in some good space we are looking for miners,ratters and people who want to shoot people. We are a laid back corp and are all about being social. RL always comes first!! Come drop by our public channel SOH-Public . Hope to chat soon!!! :smiley:

(Spectre Assydius) #28

Saints of Havoc is an awesome, laid back, and fun, corporation!
Not afraid to stand out above the crowd!

Accepting everyone! Ratters, Miners, and pvpers!
Join SOH-Public and chat with us!
Time to create HAVOC!

(Pacatus Arcangelo) #29

Spectre and Jules, Bard’s Tale IV has shipped and live is getting somewhat less complex. I am thinking about coming back to Eve and I want to come back home :slight_smile: . I hope you guys will have me back. Sorry that I went radio silent.

To any new recruits, Saints of Havoc is one of the top corps I ever seen, ton of fun, organized, and laid back when it counts.

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