[SALE CANCELED] - WTS 26.68m SP General PVP / Scanner

edit: Given the recent change in skill extractor price, the calculations for this sale have changed. since the minimum bid was never met I’m cancelling the sale.


Selling this character: Ruby Wrecks (char.tools4eve.com)

  • 26,688,739 skill points (24,451,786 + 2,236,953 unallocated)
  • Near perfect scanning (all 5s except Survey)
  • Good drones, small/medium energy turrets 5
  • Only needs Transport Ships injected for DST/BR haulers (has Minmatar Hauler 5 already)
  • Capsuleer Day XX giveaway skins, a red pod (Tercio Rojo), and a Gildclaw Nergal skin (92 skins total)

Char info:

  • Positive Wallet Balance
  • No kill rights
  • 0 out of maximum 4 jump clones installed
  • Located in highsec starter system (Hulm)
  • 0.0 Sec Status
  • Neural Remap available: now
  • Bonus remaps: 2

Minimum offer: 20.5B

I offer 19B

Thanks for the offer.


I have canceled this sale. Please lock the post. Thanks!


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