Sale character 130m\sp

All rules are accepted
Located in Jita IV - Moon 4
Positive wallet.
5,0 sec status.
Is a member of the NPC Corporation
No kill rights

Start bid : 85 bil
B/O : 100 BIL

85b for me

Cannot see skillboard

Sorry, I forgot to check the box.

traderPro. a successful bet, if the 28th is not greater (then you will win)!!!

93b for me

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congratulations on the purchase, I’m waiting for the money and the account name! sold for 93b. if you are not offered a large amount (before you go online)

The paid isk and accounts have been sent in the game

Okay, I’m waiting in the game.

I confirm receipt of isk

Everything has come, I’m starting the character transfer

unfortunately, there were difficulties with paying for the transfer! if I don’t solve this problem tomorrow, I will return it to you isk in full!

OK,no problem

Is the problem solved?

can I ask for time until the evening? from Russia it turned out to be a problem to pay for the transfer!

OK, no problem. Please solve it as soon as possible. I have bought a Russian account and successfully transferred the role. I believe you can do the same

i give 100b for this

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unfortunately I could not solve the problem with the transfer payment!
and the deal is off! I will give it back isk!

Unfortunately, I could not solve the problem of paying for the transfer of the character, and therefore the topic will be deleted soon! sorry