Character = K-TD001 for sale at 8b

8.1 mSPs in total including 6.6mSP trading skills.

Skill sheet:

Location: System Trossere Hi sec (0.9), docked in station 7-3

Has always been in an NPC corp’; all standings 0

No kill rights, no jump clones.

5 bil

Sorry, no. Manual transfer at PLEX prices costs over 3.5b so I would make a larger profit extracting skills down to 5.5mSP. :slight_smile:

Would consider 7.5bISK. Note for skill farmers; this character has cybernetics 5 ready.

Offering 7 B ISK

offer 7.5b need to know soon !

Accepted; thanks and apologies for the delay whilst being away for work. Plz confirm if still interested.

Offering 7.55 B

Mr Hiro; accepted, thanks. Send payment to this character and I’ll raise the transfer request. I am doing manual (plex cost instead of real money) transfer so that’s a 2 day ticket rather than the automated 10 hour transfer. If that’s acceptable to you then I will post timings in here once ticket raised.

ISK and info sent.


Received and manual transfer initiated with support. Ticket reference # pinged to you in game. Thanks.

Mr Hiro: I can see that the transfer has not yet been done 3.5 days after I raised the manual transfer request. Eve Online advised me that the turnaround time for manual transfer requests is 2 days so I have just chased the ticket for you. Hopefully it will be done shortly!! Will keep watching the ticket.

Received confirmation from Eve Support that the transfer has been actioned.

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