Sale completed

Positive isk balance and security status.
No kill rights.
Has 6 clone sets, none in 0.0.

Good Ewar skills.
Good offensive (drone, bombs & missiles) and defensive (armor & shield) skills.
Good Neural enhancement skills.
Black ops 5.
Gallente Freighter 5.
Jump freighter 5.
Interdiction, covert ops, Recon, Gallente tactical destroyer, Hac, H-interdiction, Logistics
Caldari strategic cruiser, Ore freighter all level 5.
Adequate Production skills and able to mine proficiently.

Able to fill a number of useful roles.

Character located in Iyen-Oursta.

Offers above 90Billion isk.
Buyout 100Billion isk.

All offers are appreciated, but offers need to be as stated above.

87 Bill


90B b/o


I dont need the industry or mining stuff so same offer as the guy above at 90B. also need alot of the new ship skills for metas so id have to train them up and for the price you want I just cant warrant paying more. If not an acceptable price then have a good sale friend o7


91 Bill

i offer 92B, plz reply

Bid accepted from Gharbhi Aseni Mena
For 92billion isk.
Send isk and info of account to Tukee.

Please be aware I am at work, so I will process whatever is needed in approx 5hr.


2021.09.28 20:01 Player Donation -92,000,000,000 ISK 206,276,793 ISK Gharbhi Aseni Mena deposited cash into Tukeeā€™s account

isk sent, pls sent the account to Xiaosan666

The character Tukee has been transferred to the account Xiaosan666.

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