Salvage volume

(Athena Alea) #1

I was working on extending my portfolio a bit when I ran into some difficulties re: salvage.
Problem was not so much finding salvage at the right prices, the problem was finding volume at all. You can see for yourself, it seems the market volume is rapidly thinning out all over the board, some markets dont even have a day’s worth of volume in stock anymore.

Now I know everyone is stocking up for the update, but by the looks of it we dont even have to wait for that to happen to see a big spike coming up soon.
Right now CMC’s are the only ones with a bit of volume at half a decent price but look closer and its one snagging away from doubling in value.

Is this the last call for the salvage train?

(Athena Alea) #2

Also I doubt this is a simple manip thing. The trade volume has remained pretty stable for months now with no extraordinary spikes etc. also the market orders dont seem out of place at all. Its just… dry?

(Awkward Sanchez) #3

Protip if you are attempting a manip, dont use the word manip. Even if you aren’t attempting a manip but merely trying to profit from someone else’s, just don’t mention it.

(Sabriz Adoudel) #4

You can thank me and a couple others for this, we have our reasons.

Will come clean in a week or three.

Edit to clarify: I’m not acting as a cabal with others, I have just noticed other people have independently decided to do what I am doing. I’m responsible for an eleven figure buy up of salvage and it was the reason for a loan I took recently.

(Derp Durrr) #5

I think by now everyone with half a brain has bought in to at least some salvage.

(Sabriz Adoudel) #6

There is more to it than just buying a basket of salvage. I’ve basically met my goals so will speak about it more in a short while.

(William Ormono) #7

I’m curious to hear what you’ve been up to @Sabriz_Adoudel. I don’t deal much in the salvage market, but have noticed some strange fluctuations in some Faction Materials (Sleeper, Yan Jung, etc). I’m wondering if there is any connection.

(Sabriz Adoudel) #8

I’ve been writing something up (it’ll be posted soon), but I have not been invested at all in the sleeper stuff.

I’ve bought around thirty billion ISK worth of the cheaper types of salvage, in the (IMO fairly justified) hope that one of them becomes the next Contaminated Lorentz Fluid - i.e. once trash, now one of the top pieces of salvage due to changes in demand.

Depending upon the material components for rigs on drilling platforms, I could quadruple the entire investment or more. Or it could flop if the materials for the desired rigs are mostly in line with the materials for rigs that are popular today (e.g. structure M-set ME research time, trimarks for ships, etc).

I still do not expect any risk of my investment crashing and burning - I should be able to recover at least 22-25b if it goes badly.

The dream situation (CMCs becoming the next Contaminated Lorentz Fluid) would make me a trillionaire, although I do not expect that to happen.

(William Ormono) #9

Wow, clever. I’ll be interested to hear how it all works out for you. Best of luck!!!