Salvage price

The prices in the graphs goes back one year only but from my own data collecting this trend goes back further than that.

Theories and my thoughts about them:

One theory is the lack of major wars. But by the looks of it lack of wars is not the reason.
The new ships that were introduced to the game in June last year. people are switching to the new ships that dont use salvage.
More players in EvE, people join, salvage, thus the price goes down.
CCP has changed the drop rates.

I want to know what you think is the reason for the price drop.

You’re mixing quite different long term price trends…

Four year history of “Melted Capacitor Console” in ‘The Forge’ (source)

Four year history of “Interface Circuit” in ‘The Forge’ (source)

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There is no mass scale destruction of capital ships nor structures happening.


T2 rigs are a bad ROI on most ships now, except for ratting ships in very safe areas (which are not replaced often enough).

Either of these could change with a war or balance patch, and so for those reasons I maintain a large amount of salvage in my investment portfolio. Salvage is currently the 4th largest section of my wealth, probably around 8% of my total NAV.

I’m just passively buying it, not doing the aggressive demand shocks I did in the past.


Each of the major patches that introduced a new type of citadel resulted in a readjustment of which salvage items were worth money. Check Contaminated Lorentz Fluid for an example of a salvage piece that exploded in price, one of the T1 Power Circuits (can’t remember which) for an item that exploded then collapsed, or Alloyed Tritanium for one that just collapsed.

Across a balanced basket of T1 salvage the trend has been slow decline.

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