San Diego Update and 2021 Events

Anyone who was paying attention to what experts were saying in March already knew that. They said the vaccine wasn’t going to be ready in 12 to 18 months.

That meant 2020 was a wash and potentially a good part of 2021, as well.


Fail attempt at trying to snub and demean me, try paying more attention to current predictions instead of relying on outdated info about possible release date of a vaccine:

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

“Establishing a unified clinical trial network is a key element of President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, which aims to deliver substantial quantities of a safe, effective vaccine by January 2021,” said HHS Secretary Alex Azar.

“Starting this summer, this new network will leverage existing infrastructure and engage communities to secure the thousands of volunteers needed for late-stage clinical trials of promising vaccines.”


i understand you guys
it really hurts to read the 2021 news but you cant plan for it so i think its the best to plan on a comeback 2022

take care



I was thinking of having a southeast US meetup, but I think those plans will need to be shelved for now.

Thanks Florida.

Is that a Godzilla reference? I’m trying to find the one where Godzilla is getting chased by a little Japanese hover craft thingy that has a mirror on it to reflect Godzilla’s laser breath…

Might not be a bad idea as an Eve-weapon. Assault Damage Reflector…

Yes, but not in the sense of the later ‘defender against evil kaiju’ entity. I’m thinking the original 1954 horrific atomic monster.


DMC, I’m one of your biggest fans on this forum. Why would I try to “snub and demean” you? (or anyone, for that matter, but you especially). I’ll just have to assume you didn’t look at who you were replying to.

But anyway, back on topic… I was merely setting the record straight on anyone thinking this was a premature cancellation. September 2020 is the date of the event they just cancelled. September 2020 is a wash. You can quibble with their 2021 pre-cancellations (but then again, CCP can always change their mind and decide to hold a fanfest in 2021 if things are indeed getting better by April or whenever they would like to do it later in the year, ofc), but no 2020 cancellations of international-drawing events are out of order at this point anywhere on the globe, pretty much. Why are you quoting some news about Trump saying a vaccine will be ready by January 2021? Suffice it to say, if they rush a vaccine in 8-9 months, it likely won’t work. Or the side effects may be worse than the cure, as it were. Competent scientists and doctors were on NPR explaining why a vaccine takes as long as it does in March 2020.

And as another example: Major League Baseball is trying to start back up later this month. I’m a huge baseball fan. It’s not happening. Or, let me put it this way, if it DOES happen, there’s gonna be even more sick people than there already are. Even with no fans in the stands. The amount of players, coaches, trainers, backroom support personnel, etc. etc. etc. that go into making a simple baseball game in the MLB these days, even without a single gate ticket person, usher, food vendor, and customer… it ain’t gonna work. 2020 season is a wash.

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I’m curious if there is anyway a “global giveaway” could be done not just meaning plex but maybe some small physical merchandise I would love an eve mug or keychain been playing for over 5 years now and am notorious for collecting SWAG … ESPECIALLY pins ! maybe a pin design contest or something no clue … the physical may be off the table but im hoping we can make some awesome digital content :smiley:

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If all else fails, I suggest offering a digital tour via livestream.

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Most of the stuff the people do at eve meets involves alcohol or recreational drugs, I’m not really into either and I attend events for the social aspect. That said, even if you did somehow have a player run event in the next year, you most likely wouldn’t be able to drink or smoke. Most people who come to the events for that purpose would stay home. Also considering flights longer than 2 hours are pretty much guaranteed to infect you with something (symptomatic or otherwise) it’s a bad value proposition to say that eve players can just host events.

Most people don’t have money right now and the people that do aren’t going to book the Cosmo or the Harpa just because CCP said “Go ahead”. Unless something changes I am going to wait until Fanfest in 2022, because at least by then CCP will be hosting events. If I wanted to attend a nerd convention staged with cardboard in a parking garage I would go to comic con, I like CCP hosted events because it’s a massive step up compared to the majority of other cons. Once you have gone to Fanfest in Iceland everything else looks like amateur hour.

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wait not fan fest next year either?
Thats pretty bad :frowning:

“In the know” projections is another year and a half of this situation. It’s the timeline that governments are talking about.

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Fingers and eyes crossed!

Don’t be such a Debbie Downer, Xenuria. We plan alcohol and drug free stuff at Eve North, because we know that not everyone does drink. Sure the group will be smaller.

You can’t make any ‘likely’ statements right now as there’s no idea right now how things are going to progress. If people stick to the social contract things will get better.

BTW people are flying now without getting anything so just hold your horses.

Eve North was much more than

give me a break, and we had things planned for this year that would give people just as good a time as they did last year, CCP hosting or not.
But don’t tell us how you really feel. Some of us in the event community are professional event planners, and do it for a living. If you don’t want to come don’t just stop making excuses.


In dev blog you said:
"we will be increasing our support for community-led events in 2021 " is EVE community event site. This site does not have any meetings in it anymore. Do you have plans to support this site in the future?

It’s a player run site.
If there’s nothing on it, it’s because no player has submitted anything.

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