San Diego Update and 2021 Events


We have just released Information about the cancellation of our San Diego 2020 event and our plans for 2021. Please use this thread for any discussion around physical events and player gatherings.


Do some of the new digital experiences including bringing back AT?


I don’t think anyone is surprised by the cancellation. Not really.

And who knows how 2021 will be. If it’s going by 2020 standards, I’m expecting super volcanoes and asteroids.


Oooh winces, sorry. But i have booked an alien invasion, i hope you didn’t have your hopes set on asteroids and volcanos…


On behalf of the EveNorth team in Toronto, we appreciate the support and look forward to cheers and beers with everyone at EveNorth 2021!


I think the cancellation was expected with how all other events are being cancelled aswell.

@CCP_Dopamine in the last paragraph talking about office tours. Just for any other people potentially interested. Are there any measures taking with office access regarding COVID-19?


Eve Glasgow will be back . . . .When is all up in the air at the moment but the eyes are always looking.

Going by the normally meet scheduling and depending on the timescale of recovery in Scotland, the possibilities of a meet in the December slot is still in the air, however it would be dependant on a very large number of factors going in a certain way, and im sure the Dev. Team have an even bigger list for FF 21.

But I am hopeful that next year will be a lot better, and we have have more beers / water / coffee ect.

3 Years is a long wait . . . . lets hope Reykjavik has enough beer for this party! ( if 21 goes ahead :smile: )


We’re following Icelandic guidelines for the situation as they are updated. If the situation worsens and social distancing guidelines become more strict again it’s possible we may not be able to offer a tour.

At the moment things are quite stable here however, so as long as visitors have been cleared after their flight (there is currently a 24 hour isolation pending a COVID test I believe) then we’d be happy to show them around. We have hand sanitizer around every corner in the office here as well.


Might be a good idea to offer a quick link to the official current Icelandic rules/regulations regarding international visitation with your excellent CCP office tour rules and information. Especially since the whole situation is somewhat fluid (heh, medical joke); let the government tourism do the work to keep the information up to date.

Looking forward to all the online activities in the upcoming year or so.


Great suggestion. There is an official page that has up-to-date information on this. I will add that to the article :slight_smile:


I’m planning for FanFest 2023 now to celebrate 20 years of EVE!


We would also like to share that we will not be hosting any physical CCP events in 2021. Instead, we intend to focus more on delivering you amazing digital experiences that everyone can enjoy from the comfort of their home.

Wow, there’s still 6 months left in 2020 yet you’ve already decided that the COVID-19 epidemic will be the same or even worse in 2021. :unamused:


Assuming your borders are open :slight_smile:

–Gadget is stuck behind a wall


Be safe and stay healthy everyone!

You have to. This particular virus isn’t going to go away any time soon and the more people believe it is over, the worse it is going to get.


Sorry but you don’t know that.

A cure could be found and administered between then and now, also Eve Fan Fest usually happens in April which is 9 months from now…

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No, I don’t but better be safe than sorry. And when you prepare for the worst, you won’t be disappointed when it doesn’t happen.


Yeah, it’s always good to be prepared for the worst but CCP making that announcement now is premature at best. They could easily have waited a few months to determine if the COVID situation warranted making the announcement.

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Having been involved in a few things of this nature, I can assure you that a year ahead may well be the correct ‘go/no go’ point for this sort of event.


Gojira. 2021 will be Gojira.