Sasha's Questions Thread

OOOOK is a word repeated again and again by the monkey who works in the Unseen University Library (Terry Pratchett). Nothing to deal with “Les Visiteurs” and Christian Clavier (yes, i am french, and i am ashamed of this french movie…;))

and yes, this thread seems useless to me, we just have to answer to new players’ questions in their specific threads

So is this a “you’re going to ask me questions” or “you’re going to answer my questions” thread?

Your intentions were good…but just answer questions posted in the new citizen’s subforum…

At first I thought the thread title was Sanshas Questions Thread…oops :slight_smile:

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Questions can be best answered with precision, which you didn’t give me much. If I give you a fit, it might not want it because it won’t be good for what you want.

That’s why I’m asking you questions. It’s for the precision you don’t want to give, apparently :slight_smile:

I think you’re just giving me the run around now and dodging the question.

I just want the best fit for ratting. I don’t care about all these other things.
If you can’t answer that one question, why should anyone even bother with you?

it seems obvious to me that Scoots is challenging Sasha because sasha prompted initially new players to ask here any question about eve, and because some questioned his legitimity. I don’t think that scoots really needs a fit for ratting etc. He is just playing with you, sasha. Don’t feed the (small) troll.
As highlighted by others, sasha was full of good intention when he opened this thread. It is just that the thread is useless.

I did notice what Scoot want. Considering how long I saw him around, it’s quite logical he has better means to generate his own wealth rather than nullsec ratting.

I did try to answer him best I can, but as I said in my first comment : the question is too vague, as nullsec ratting isn’t a single activity. If he wants his answer, I’ll provide it happily, so long than he provide more infos :slight_smile:

I’m disappointed that you’re more than willing to brush aside genuine questions as a troll all while refusing to just give ANY answer.

And I’m disappointed that, sadly, you cannot follow simple directives to help yourself with more refined answers, being the result of you first answering the very simple questions I asked you to help narrow down what would work best for you.

And an apparent lack of simple awereness of what you could obtain by following very simple directives that will cost you nothing is either a case of mental illness, and I’m sorry if you do possess one, or trolling. :slight_smile:


Now shake hands and say you’re sorry.

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Shake hands

Now I know this topic is going to die down soon, so can we please at least come back to the point >.<

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