Sasha's Questions Thread

Oï !

Alright, everyone, I’ve been thinking about putting up a similar thread for a little while. See, I kind of enjoy answering to people’s questions in the game, and especially on the “No question is stupid” weekly topic on r/Eve (it’s the first pinned topic, can’t miss it !). However, I do admit that with a lower than average playtime now that vacations are over, I don’t have has much time as I did to play the game, and try to help people out.

As such, that’s why I wanted to create this topic ! I feel like EVE Online’s official forums are an easier way to communicate with fellow capsuleers, without actually needing to boot up the game when I’m not home.

As such, let me explain what I hope to be the point of this thread. I would love to see people coming here and asking their questions, so they can be answered (either by the whole community, as a form of centralized question thread, or by me :slight_smile: ). You can try to ask us anything, and I’ll at least personally try to answer it the best I can !

Let’s begin then, ask your questions :wink:

Fly safe !

The forums don’t have up/downvote buttons to dismiss those who talk ■■■■■■■■ …
… so my first question is:

How do you guarantee quality replies?

What are your qualifications that makes you worth listening to?

Sources, EVE quite has a big community that made tons of articles on many subjects. Trying to condense them and answer to people asking questions here is what I hope to do. But hey, this is also why I posted it in the general discussion part of the forums, so other people can also give their opinions to refine an answer for someone’s question.

And while it does not qualifie as a reason in itself, I do believe it can be my little something to help people, while still having fun answering ! :slight_smile:

See above.

I don’t think that this fits a forum like this.
Doubly so in General Discussions of all places.

This should be in the New Player Forum instead,
where people have to actually take it seriously.

In General Discussions … man, seriously …


Oh wait, I need to phrase it in form of a question!

Will you ask the ISD to move it into the New Player forum? :slight_smile:

Well yes! If it does help to improve my little project, it could work.

(Althought I must admit, I’m not feeling like it’s a good start… Oh well, let’s say it’s because it’s midnight ?)

So right, if one of the ISD could please move the topic in the New Player forum part, where it’s supposed to be an help people that needs it the most, that’d be lovely, thank you !

What’s the best fit for ratting in nullsec?

You posted in GD of all places, you silly. :smiley:
I’m out! Enjoy your thread! :slight_smile:

ISDs, please delete my posts after moving the thread! :smiley:

I’ve got one from my Conoco alt.


I felt it was 50/50 concerning the thread original location. General meant it could be reached by a wider range of people, but maybe the newer guys wouldn’t be pointed toward it as if it would be in the New Players forums. Oh well, it happens.


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Question is vague, as it depends of what you’re looking for.

Multiple parameters can be taken into account, most of which will be of your personal preference :slight_smile:
Example : do you want to be at your computer and monitor closely what your ship is doing, or play it in a chiller way while still gaining some ISK ? Are you aiming for a specific size of ships (cruisers, battlecruisers, capitals ?), or maybe a specific ISK/hour return ? :slight_smile:

This doesn’t answer my question. I want to know what the best fit is for ratting in nullsec.

Ratting can be done in multiple ways, which mean multiple fittings can be considered as best for anomaly ratting (green signatures that you can warp to without scanning them on your probe scanner), but worst for DED sites (higher payout sites that require scanning before being able to warp your ratting ship there).

Moving this to New Player Experience. Also, you can summon most any ISD by typing our name after an @ symbol. For example, to summon me, just type in @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode.

Side note, I have notified myself about this thread. Hilarious.


Thank you for the advice :slight_smile:

Is it ? :no_mouth:

I said ratting, not DED. You still haven’t answered my question. This is the third time I’m having to ask this.

DED is considered as ratting by some players.
I suppose you are talking about nullsec green anomalies ? If then, do you want to do it AFK style for a near passive, but lower ISK income, or as a more active player with bette rewards ?

I like the idea of ‘summoning’ an ISD, it sounds like something that students of the Unseen University might do by mistake, or perhaps it’s a Harry Potter plot-line…


i don’t see the value of this thread, since this forum section (“New citizens Q/A”) is already the place where all new players can ask all the questions they want about eve. The entire section. So there’s no need to make a new thread here which says “you can ask here any question about eve in this thread”. This is already what new players can doin this section…
Furthermore, in this forum section, threads have a title and focus on one question, which allows people interested in the answer to read only the thread. If you expect people to come here and roll down the entire thread to see if, by chance, there is something which is interesting for them…
What you should have done, imo, would have been just to regularly read this forum section, and give answers to new players’questions in the specific threads. As regular posters here regularly do.

To Dravick Afterthought: my comment would be “OOOOOOK” :wink:



Eh, I suppose this thread isn’t well received then…