Save default interface to profile

Hi, I would like to use my interface settings from the main account on all my alts, but when I create a new profile it resets, is there any way to save the default settings to the profile?

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Something I feel I should learn how to do also,

Perhaps when after I’m sober I could look up the solution.

Others might be able to google search the forums for that answer.

Yes there is a cloning UI tutorial around here. I can’t seem to find it right now. But to explain it, you will need to do a search on your drive for some hidden .DAT files. Search for core_char*.dat and core_user*.dat then you will clone the main to all the alts by copying and over writing the old files with the newest file version.

The user dat files are accounts and account settings, while the char dat are your characters. I use the date the last one was modified. After logging off my main.

Note: I explained this before here. There you will find the info on where and whatnot.

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