Saved Locations in 'XXXXXX'

I noticed that the Saved Locations in ‘XXXXXX’ seems to not exist anymore with the new UI on the SISI server and I am hoping that was an oversight and it was removed by accident or to have it reimplemented seeing as it’s a huge QOL for some people

Works for me. With photon enabled.

Really? The old shortcut brings up the normal Locations window for me and searching through the shortcut settings the ‘Local Locations’ shortcut doesn’t exist for me anymore. Are you on the SISI or TQ?

On TQ. though I just had it open and just enabled and disabled new UI. Window stayed open. Maybe they just messed up shortcut? With old UI everything works. “local locations” also are present in settings

Same thing with new UI. I suspect It’s messed up on your end somehow. Verify file integrity in launcher and maybe reset cache in client settings. Or start support ticket if can’t figure it out.

Hm, if it’s on my end I’ll wait for it to come to TQ before hitting them with support tickets. Thanks for the reply though

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