What happened to the 'hidden' 'L' hotkey bookmark window?

Edit: Thank you to Sere O’Asis for pointing out that the option still exists. It is located by clicking on “three dots” in the upper right hand corner of the locations window. Selecting the checkbox for “Show only locations in the current system” will display that window.

The test server update to decouple ‘People & Places’ into ‘Contacts’ and ‘Locations’ appears to have overridden the old local ‘Saved Locations in X System’ window.


This was a really helpful secondary option for navigating wormholes bookmarks because you could stick a bunch of wormhole-chain specific data into a single or dedicated sub-folder (e.g. .A Alpha chain sub-folder).

Rather than scrolling through all the bookmarks than can accumulate in the Alpha chain sub-folder that day, you can tap ‘L’ on your keyboard to see only the bookmarks in the system you are currently in. For me at least, it’s also a lot easier than navigating the right-click locations tree.

As a visual on TQ, tapping ‘L’ condenses A into B without having to C.

on SISI, only the ‘new’ locations window and temporary right-click location menu appear to exist.


This feature is probably one of the most used features for those of us who operate in a specific locale or travel through wormholes. Being able to have a window up that shows local bookmarks without having to hunt for them is immensely important.

When navigating in or through networks of wormholes I use this window to easily access my entry and exit points, especially true when on a move op through a wormhole where we have to travel back and forth a few times to get stuff where it needs to be.

In high sec I use the window to bookmark the storage and manufacturing structures I use often, Makes for simpler navigation when doing boring admin tasks.

When mining I’ll use it to mark my current location before bouncing back to a structure to drop off my haul.

I keep the window open all the time and dock it next to the overview.

If this feature disappeared on TQ, well that would really degrade the user experience by adding lots of tedious right-clicking to almost every common task.

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When “right clicked” the “three dots” in the upper right hand corner, of my “Locations” interface, has an option to “Show Only Locations In The Current System”.

Once I checked that option, the old, but updated, location window displayed.

I hope that helps.


holy smokes, yes! thank you for helping point out where that was hiding.


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