Scary Faction Warfare Zone Idea

Actually, the Local Chat channel error created an interesting new dynamic in the FW zone.

Without actually knowing who was in the system, based on Local Chat population, fleets had to actually scout stations and plexes to determine who was actually in system.

Such a dynamic increases the need to be more aware of your surroundings, employ gate guards as eyes on + having to use several ships to scan and probe out the system for enemy WT’s.

Not being able to see who was in local took away the ability to determine which ships might be in the system based on commonly used ships by known WT’s.

Not being able to see who was in Local would make FW more dangerous and would see less b.s. in fleet chat as FC’s and fleet members would be required to pay more attention to the environment.

Local chat should be turned off based on the type of system and the level that system is under constestation.

A rearguard would always have Local chat on while a battlefield system would Local always turned off until the battlefield was captured. Vulnerable systems would see Local turned on until the system reached 90% contested. At 90%, the Local goes dark until the system is captured, Local returns after the next downtime or the percentage returns to a percentage below 90%.

When Listening Posts and Propaganda Posts are used, a timer starts that if enough of the structures are used, Local would offline for a time but no longer than three hours.

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