Scenario: CONCORD takes 1 hour to arrive

Well, I think since its a multiplayer roleplaying game where capsuleers are free to choose their own destiny, we should just delete all the NPC bots.

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mmm, banning CCP for botting. interesting idea.

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mOo already did this back in the day

They are rendered immobile, the second they are flagged by Crimewatch. CONCORD then arrives and scrams, webs, jams and destroys the ship.

So assuming the “no avoiding CONCORD” rule remains in place, then a 1 hour response time would mean:

  1. criminal timer would need to be increased to 1 hour (or CONCORD would arrive and the criminal would have already served their time and even if not avoiding CONCORD, they’d arrive and then not do anything)
  2. the ganker would end up sitting in space for an hour, free for anyone else to come along and kill them. They’d have no chance to move
  3. gankers would start killing themselves with alts, so they are free to go and wait out their timer
  4. the time between ganks for an individual ganker would increase
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It would be more realistic if it took CONCORD between 3 minutes and seven years to respond, with a 1.3% chance that CONCORD will identify the wrong culprit and a 14.2% chance that CONCORD will fail to catch the criminal. Space crooks should be able to train SPACE LAW which will grant increasing chances of evading CONCORD.


It’s fascinating how a little tweak to concord could change so much.

Gankers could have concord bribery skill , to slow them down .
We could have one to counter it .

Maybe if the whole gank event was slower ,more fun things could be added.

Hs just wouldn’t function as hs. Hypotheticals don’t really work when things are this broken.

If you wanted one that was reasonable ask how it would work if the response was 2-5 minutes.

Maybe I didn’t want a reasonable scenario, but wanted an extreme one?

People sometimes bicker about CONCORD timers that should be changed by a few seconds, I wanted to see how much would change if you don’t adjust it by seconds but by an hour.

Yes, HS wouldn’t be like the current HS anymore. But that was not the point of this thread.

How much CONCORD response time need to increase for that?
IMHO, if HS is effectively broken with response time of 137s what happens with 138s becomes pretty much irrelevant.

It depends on your definition of HS I supppse.

The main definition of HS in my opinion is that some attacks are illegal and punished by getting your ship blown up by CONCORD.

And while an increase of response time to an hour drastically changes the calculations of profitable ganking, it changes nothing about this main feature of HS: illegal attacks are punished by CONCORD.

So in my opinion, HS would still be HS and very unlike other parts of the game.

I’d run 1 active rep maller on every gate in Uedama, and then shoot every single t1 hauler and BR that jumps. Repeat after CC arrives. (Also, what happens if you pull CC?)