Science vessels, Observation/Scan, Missions

A component of Eve Online is the narrative - the storytelling. The game purports to be a simulation of a space game. If I were to look at a typical Science Fiction movie or novel I do not mostly get a cavalcade of killing ships or industry ships - a very important component would Science.

Science vessels could also be used for espionage, but that’s beside the point.

The main objective here is to enrich the narrative with many use toolbox ships that are primarily intended as exploratory ships. They can scan, and they would then find unique stellar phenomenon. These would be mission objectives - players would see interesting targets for research prop up in the Agency, and they would then break out the Science vessels and head out to these phenomenon and run scans. A pure science vessel wouldn’t be a threat to any wormhole, nulsec or triglavian system management, but as we all know history is littered with KGB run science vessels doing a little extra scans on the side.

It’s very simple - Eve is an overspecialized combat/production game. The outside world looks with a mix of concern and disgust to the current playerbase. Moms and Dads and Spouses walk by their beloved den and hear livid screams of anger blaring from the spreakers as fleets engage, and bass explosions rock the house. Eve right now is an environment strongly associated with the dark side of humanity.

Yet science is uplifting and wholesome. Flying a science vessel to scan neutron stars or wormholes or whatever artefacts, launch probes, study lunar surfaces - it’s much more palatable. CCP can add some eye candy, spouse or mom walks by and you can say “yeah my science vessel is doing an archeological dig there on yonder asteroid, see, I got a crew of archeologists looking for long lost signs of Atlantis” and whatnot. Nice graphics, nice sound effects, tension, maybe some jumping around. It’s all great fun. Also it’s a great entry career for new pilots, more storytelling friendly missions, great scenery, green screenshots, great publicity for the game.


  • planetay, stellar. asteroid, moon scan/research missions
  • lauching proves, sending down landers to planets, finding stuff
  • One, Two maybe three classes of exploratory sciencey ships
  • Dual use exploration/espionage vessels to spice it up a little.
  • Interloping in other people’s territories, because Science
  • Maybe dual function journalism ships?

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