SE7EN SINS Low Sec Pirates Recruiting

SE7EN-SINS is recruiting ACTIVE PVP corps and individuals. We are a mix of old and new school pirates mainly operating in EU/USTZ. We are an organisation focused on small scale pvp, not interested in big blue donuts, TIDI fights, or endless structure bashing. SE7EN-SINS is an alliance which Supports different game styles, including small gang roams, wormhole diving, camping, and more.
Join us in our Public Chat Channel: 7Sins Pub

What we can offer:
░ Lots of Pvp
░ Knowledgable, mentoring pilots
░ Corp Ops and Alliance Ops
░ Daily hunting and shenanigans
░ Diverse content: lowsec, null, WHs
░ Active Leadership
░ TS3/Discord for communication
░ Laid-back atmosphere
░ Very short list of blues
░ Convenient location - 5 jumps from Jita

What we expect from our recruits:

▒ Be active player, log in , join comms, join fleets
▒ Basic game mechanics knowlege, know how to fly your ship
▒ Self-Sufficient
▒ Working Headset and Mic
▒ Good Attitude, no drama queens
▒ Good sense of humor
▒ Primarily English speaking Comms (multi cultural languages present)
▒ Omega account

If you have an interest and a desire for PEW: feel free to join our public channel: 7Sins Pub, speak with Gurt Benoit, Welshy RL, Toushi Kimura, Cypher XX. P1ccard


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Bump for the bros

Still recruiting – come for pew pew

Still open for recruitment

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