Se7en-Sins - Sov holding Alliance. Recruitment drive now on!

SE7EN-SINS is currently recruiting ACTIVE PVP organisations with the intention to expand our player base and continue to cultivate a strong PVP focussed community to help our pursuit of good fights. We are a PvP focussed Alliance that are part of Hostile States Coalition, and operate in Nullsec, Lowsec and in wormhole space that understands that real life comes first.

Whilst our core membership consists of long running pirate, nullsec PVP and mercenary corps, our mix of nationalities and skill levels contributes to a diverse and welcoming community within which to cultivate your PVP abilities and assist each other in the pursuit of elusive “goodfites”. Operating out of Deklein, we have regular fleets both within alliance and with our operational partners locally, and frequently roam, do blops and often partake in asymmetric combat.

We Offer

  • A Target rich environment.
  • A mature experienced and understanding leadership team supporting of different PVP styles, willing to support the development of new FC’s.
  • Small to large scale fights in a variety of formats.
  • Experienced FC’s and combat pilots willing to help nurture developing pilots, and fly with pilots of any skill level.
  • Frequent fleet fights.
  • Comms infrastructure (TS3, Discord).
  • A great logistics service.
  • Opportunities to generate ISK between fights
  • Benefits of Sov space.
  • A real life comes first, drama free environment.

We are looking for

  • Corps with a reasonable degree of literacy regarding in game mechanics and PVP.
  • Corps willing to participate, operating on joining comms and sharing fleets with alliance mates.
  • A mature and level-headed attitude from potential recruits to alliance.
  • Primarily English speakers willing to use voice comms, whilst a number of different languages are used within alliance we use English for common communication.

Please peruse our Killboard for a better idea of what we get up to.

If you are interested and want to know more please contact Toushi Kimura, Cypher XX, or P1ccard in game, join our alliance public channel 7Sins Public or try to flag someone down on our discord in Recruitment .


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Still looking for PVP’rs!

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still hiring!

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Still recruiting!


Gli Italiani sono i benvenuti in SE7EN!
:point_right: Joina il canale Insurgent ingame :point_left:

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4 out of 5 dead supers agree

I cannot recommend this alliance enough. Se7en Sins can teach you pvp in all of its forms as well as give you access to just about every single play style in this game. If you like pvp or would like to learn pvp while having access to just about every service / activity this game has to offer, this is the right place for you.
This alliance has members in all major time zones and has a laid back atmosphere. Discord and comms are active around the clock.