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Search/find in page doesn’t work as expected from Firefox…

When user tries to find certain string by using browsers ‘find in page’ function or CTRL+F (Firefox for example) new forum automatically starts it’s own ‘search engine’ i.e. it shows list of subjects containing that term.

This happens only when user is reading specific topic while when in main categories CTRL+F works as standard browser function.

I guess it is some kind of built in shortcut in new forum but can this be turned off since there is already an searh icon in top menu?

Hi, I am using chrome and Ctrl+F brings up my default browsers search bar. In chrome to use the search bar I have to press / or Ctrl + Shift + S.

You may want to look at this page for more help:

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I did just download Firefox. According to my test I have the same functionality as I do in Chrome.

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Did you see that there’s a search in topic tickbox on the popup for the forum search engine?

It doesn’t come up on every topic, because of the way it handles the endless scroll.

The forum doesn’t display all the replies at once, so using the browser search wouldn’t find it. (page based wouldn’t help where). Only on short topics is browser search useful, when it’s below the pagination limit (20 I think). Other than that, you really want to use the forum search.

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I’m getting old and too accustomed to default shortcuts and their behavior :blush:

It is indeed that forum automatically takes over browsers CTRL+F depending on how many posts are in certain topic.

Thank you both for clarification and help.

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