Literally unplayable (ctrl+f)

(SurrenderMonkey) #1

This forum seems to rather intermittently decide to intercept ctrl+f to pop open the internal forum search, instead of opening the browser find function.

Not really sure what the conditions for that are, and it seems to go away eventually, but co-opting a standard key combo like that is pretty much design cancer anyway.

The keyboard shortcuts suggests it should be the / key, which does work (and more consistently), but there’s something uniquely aggravating about those times when ctrl+f does it instead of performing the expected function.

Seems to happen most frequently on the first thread I look at in a fresh browser session, but I haven’t been able to nail down any consistent behavior yet.

(Rivr Luzade) #2

Conditions? Looks to me it’s randomness. By pure chance I just managed to get CTRL F to open the forum search instead of the browser search, but have not managed to repeat it since.

That uselessness aside, when someone presses CTRL F, they are looking for something where they currently are, not for something in different forums/threads/whatever. Having CTRL F open up the forum search instead of the browser search is absolutely useless and counterproductive, especially since the shortcut does not reliably open the forum search and probably only ever does in the most inconvenient situations. For instance, I just wanted to check a thread for a certain word in order to prevent posting redundant info but instead of the browser search, the forum search opened. Required me to do more clicks than necessary to get rid of it and the actual search up. That’s very inconvenient and counterproductive.

(CCP Avalon) #3

The forum search should pop up on CTRL+F when searching threads that contain posts that haven’t been loaded.

Browser search can’t search for contents of posts in the thread if they haven’t been loaded after all.

You can switch from forum search to browser search in these topics by hitting CTRL+F a second time.

Yeah... No
(SurrenderMonkey) #4

That’s profoundly annoying. You’re hijacking standard functionality and the end result is that my browser does not work the way I expect it to when I use this forum.

I know how to get to the forum search, and I also know what I want to happen when I hit ctrl+f, and that’s that the browser find box pops open.

(SurrenderMonkey) #5

Seriously, this is bad and you should feel bad.

This is on par with interstitial advertisements for development cancer.

(Austneal) #6

As a web developer, these new forums make me cringe.

(SurrenderMonkey) #7

I’m alright with them for the most part (aside from the garbage lazy-loading that is apparently the root cause for this completely imaginary “requirement” - god, does anyone actually like that garbage? How did this even come to be? Someone looked at pagination and said, “You know what, that’s really predictable and affords the user too much control. Let’s make it a fucking miserable experience, instead!”), but this particular item is not only extremely annoying in practice, there’s an aspect of presumption on the part of the devs (the devs, in this case, being the jackasses at Discourse - not the Eve devs) that makes it additionally infuriating.

I don’t want you to decide what should happen when I use my completely-standard keystroke combination that performs the exact same function on every other site in the entire goddamn world.

I want it to do the thing I was expecting it to do.

It is not your place to decide it should do anything other than that.

There is no rationale that makes it acceptable. I don’t care if I’ve loaded only 1% of the posts in the thread. I expect Ctrl+F to open the browser search function. If it does anything other than that, you have ■■■■■■ up.

(Shallanna Yassavi) #8

Whoever designed the keyboard shortcuts probably used vi a lot. Here’s the help for a current version for anyone who wants to page through. If you install Windows Subsystems for Linux on Win10, it’s going to have vi, among other things. It’s one of those legacy features you can’t go without on a standards-compliant Unix system.

Being able to control the forums entirely from the keyboard is an interesting novelty feature, but it needs to either not conflict with any common browser commands (like ctrl+f), or have some keyboard-shortcuts-disabled mode you can get by hitting, say, escape (because intuitive), with a message saying keyboard shortcuts are disabled for the forums which goes away when you click in the window to turn them back on.

(Lulu Lunette) #9

I’ll just press F.

For you.

(Sonya Corvinus) #10

With respect, this really, really needs to change. Navigating between pages that all load at once and being able to do a ctrl+F search is infinitely better than this. Did these even go through UAT?

(Sarah Flynt) #11

Apparently it’s not random, which could have simply been a bug. It’s even worse:

I’ll just leave this here:

Have fun using this piece of garbage.