F1 Key not functioning


So I just updated Windows and each time I press F1 It launches chrome with an explanation on how to get help on Windows. I have gone and disabled that from popping up but my F1 Key no longer is registered in the Eve client.
Anyone else have this issue? F2-and up are working fine.

Check your keybinds, is F1 still bound?

Also, you could rebind your keys if this problem persists. I personally prefer the number keys over F keys, they’re easier to reach.

Hi, The key is still bound to F1 as well using Alt+f1 and CTRL works like normal still its just plain F1 that seems to have been broken.

Just to follow up on this. I can set the keybind to something else, and it will work for that item slot, and then go in and set it back to F1, so the game see’s that F1 is being pressed but will not work for activating any module in that slot. Alt+f1 works fine, ctrl+f1 works fine, just not F1 on it’s own.

Sounds like Windows maybe still recognises F1 as the ‘launch chrome with explanation’ key even though it is disabled. And now it does nothing, because you’ve disabled the popup, but it still recognises the F1 button as the button to launch that explanation.

I have no experience with that popup, is there another way to disable it perhaps?

I would say get rid of Chrome. But knowing Windows/ Macroslop that may not be possible.

I always take my time at installation and NEVER install any of that crap that Macroslop tries to get/ trick me into installing.

I also just updated Windows and not by choice either. I shut my computer down and come back to see it updating…and yes I had troubles of my own for it. Half of Macroslop personnel would be serving jail if I had my way.

Are they worse than suicide gankers?


Still no solution to this it seems. Disabled F1 from opening the Microsoft webpage on “How to get help” but that causes F1 to not launch any shortcuts in other applications, not even help in MS word. I could just rebind but playing since 2006 F1 is ingrained into my eve play. If I clear my hotkey I can re-assign F1 to it. I just don’t understand how the game can register F1 to reassign the key, but then have it not work when out of the menues.

More follow up.
Just reformatted the laptop with a fresh barebones install of windows.
Still have f1 opening the “How to get help in windows 10” page in edge.

Ever solution I have found for disabling this on forums just makes F1 not function for Eve properly or other games.

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