/search/ for type_id && /markets/stations/{station_id} && standings

/search/ for type_id

There is no way to find the type_id for an item using the human readable name. I would need to use /universe/types/ to get 100s of thousands of type_id’s then check each one individually using /universe/types/{type_id} and compare the item name to determine the wanted type_id. /search/ does what I want but there isn’t an option for items.


Right now the only way to get orders for a station is to do /markets/{region_id}/orders/ then find all the orders with the desired station_id. Could we get something like /markets/structures/{structure_id}/ for stations?


On ESI there is no way to get standings for a corporation or alliance. I only saw a way to get a specific character’s standings. Any plan to add standings for corps and alliances?

Thanks! I love the fact that you even have an API and the new Swagger interface is literally the best API site I’ve ever seen.

You can, use the search endpoint with the name and inventoryType as search category:

curl -X GET "https://esi.tech.ccp.is/latest/search/?categories=inventorytype&datasource=tranquility&language=en-us&search=Tritanium&strict=true" -H "accept: application/json"
  "inventorytype": [

If there’s not yet an issue about that here, this is the right place to ask for it :slight_smile: (thought someone asked for it once, but can’t find the issue number…)

As the primary goal for CCP is to have XML/CREST parity with ESI, there will be corp standings sooner or later. Alliance probably too.
You can check what’s already done here, there are github issues about missing features too (so if you find a feature not yet reported there, feel free to add it)

Thanks! You are right, I thought inventorytype was something different because it was returning multiple numbers. I used strict=true and it’s working.

Thanks again!