Second duel mechanic

a different duel mechanic where you can invite somebody to a duel just after a finished battle between you two. after you die you go to reship to exactly same ship (can be fitted differently), once you enter the same system where you died the duel limited engagement takes effect and you both have rights to kill each other without legal consequence provided both of you are in the system and in the same ships, you can prolong or delay the 5 min duel limited engagement timer in case the other person is busy fighting somebody else in the system (both of you would have to agree to it and both of you have to be in same system). alternatively the duel limited engagement offer is given to everyone who was involved in the first fight, so if it was a 5v1 then you can have another 5v1 with the same people and same ships.

What do you feel this mechanic would add that is not already covered by saying ‘gf gf lets do it again <3’ in local?

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