No more duels possible?

in patchnotes i see this:

Removed the Duel Wager system.


and how will it be replaced?

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You can no longer place a wager when challenging other capsuleers to a duel.

What is/was the duel wager? :thinking:

Oh nevermind, duel wagers? Never heard of them. Probably they’re either completely ignored or someone was abusing them somehow…

omg ok now i understand… its just the price, what the winner gets…

And it’s good that this useless rubbish goes away. It is a massive nuisance to freighter webbing because you cannot auto-hide the wager like other things. With every new duel that you start, you had to decline the wager.

They aren’t removing the ability to duel entirely.

They’re removing a stupid little popup window that says “Would you like to place a bet on who is going to win?” before the duel actually starts.

Then when somebody dies, the victor not only gets the loot from the wreckage, but they get paid as well.

I agree, it’s a stupid idea. And I’m glad they’re getting rid of it.

How is this related to the Alliance Tournament?

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