Duel Overhaul

A duel system where you can set rules of engagement, like a contract which is enforced. So for example, we can fight to 50% armour or 50% hull, or even pod death. Also, you can WAGER ISK+Modules/ISK/Modules on the duel with the other player. So like if I get you to 50% hull first, we bet 250mill ISK, you pay me. Too, you could wager modules+ISK or modules, for example. I feel like you could have duels expanded to small group duels as per this dulling contract, up to 4V4 or 4V2 or any combinations from 1V1 to 4V4.

I am a returning player from a 5 year absence and if this is either already implemented or has already been put forward please ignore/delete as necessary.


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its kinda like that already. i blow you up, i get your stuff

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Presently duel mechanics create a limited engagement timer between the participants. Note that you can accept multiple simultaneous duels, though I don’t know if you can extend the same.

For the most part however any kind of win condition is usually tacitly accepted as “whoever dies loses”, and the loot being disposed of at the discretion and manner of the winner (for example you could contract the dropped loot to the loser for free as a highly courteous option; for the most part however it’s generally fine to keep whatever drops). Sometimes the participants can and do set different loss conditions (“whoever gets to hull first” for example), and pod losses are usually going to amount to “is the winner pod-hungry” and/or “is the loser clueless”, since a limited engagement means that the only concern is a possible standings loss if the loser is in an NPC corp.

But these optional conditions are at best a gentleman’s agreement.

I do think it would be nice however for the duel mechanics to be iterated on so as to allow for betting to take place, since I think that could open up some interesting gameplay.


Some countries have pretty strict rules on gambling, even inside of a game with a fictional currency.

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