Secondary sort in the overview?

I’d like to be able to sort objects within the overview by two categories at once, for example, primarily sort by item type, then sort by distance. Is that planned?

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I don’t know if this is what you are asking but I had been trying to set up mine like this for awhile now.

This was shared to us back in Y121

What I mean is something like the SQL statement:

“SELECT * FROM asteroids;
ORDER BY type, distance;”

Create your own overview filters. Remove or add per filter what you want. Problem solved.


I see, I did a quick search on the old eveonline forums and there was a link to this site.

io . evansosenko . com/eve-overview/

Now with the help of Pilot Aisha Katalen’s comment above resulted in me searching on that page for the word “filter” finding a example that could help you with that question.

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