Overview Sorting by Range

Overview keeps sorting by range, even when it is asked to sort by name or type.

This makes it hard to click on the item, as it moves when the range changes.

This did not occur on the old UI.

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Something strange is going on indeed.

I tried replicating what you mentioned.

In this overview I had sorted on name, docked, undocked and now the UI tells me it’s sorted by distance:

However, as you can see from the names and numbers it’s still sorted by name rather than by distance so the bug I get is a UI error, not that it sorts the wrong column. A bug nonetheless.

(Tried a couple minutes, but couldn’t manage to get your bug though. I tried sorting on different tabs, separate tabs even, session changes, logging out, but this is the only thing I found for now. Got any idea how to replicate your bug?)


In any sorting scenario, you have a primary sorting priority, and a secondary sorting priority. For example, if you sort by type, it will first sort by type as the priority, but then it will sort by distance as the secondary. For example, it will list all stargates as a group, but then sort them by distance within the group.

This is not the mechanic used in the old UI.

The problem is that as you cross a star system, the order in which the gates are listed will change as you approach one of the gates, and this can cause you to click on the wrong gate as the order in which the gates move will change continuously. Likewise, when engaging a fleet of ships, it is annoying to have the ship you are trying to click on keep moving around based on the range.

There needs to be an option to stop sorting everything by distance.


I see what you mean.

I had not yet noticed a difference with the old behaviour in that regard, but after playing a bit with it it seems to me that the secondary sorting priority is your previous sorting selection.

So if you first sort by name and then by type, you get type as primary sorting and name as secondary sorting (instead of distance). At least, I think that’s what it does.

Would that work for you?

I don’t know how your overview works, but that is certainly not how my overview works. The larger problem here is that CCP is totally non-responsive and does not even discuss such issues. People have raised many many issues with photon, and no response or acknowledgement from CCP.

An example.

I sorted first by name, then sorted by type (means type primary, name second):


If you look at the Fortizars you can see they are all grouped (due to same type) and are sorted by name now.

If I sort by distance first and then by type (which means type primary, distance secondary) I get the following sorting instead for the Fortizars:


In which clearly the distance, not the name is how the Fortizars are sorted on my overview.

Sort by your secondary sorting priority first and then select your first priority sorting. If you make sure neither primary nor secondary is ‘distance’, your overview won’t be sorted by distance.

Edit: turns out the ‘secondary sorting’ isn’t consistent though, see below… :frowning:

Docking and undocking (session change) however results in the following sorting:


Which still uses Type as primary sorting, and no secondary sorting.

I guess I found the issue, there is no consistent secondary sorting.

The real issue is Photon was not developed with input from people who play the game.

Testing, feedback, and review is apparently too much to expect?

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I must say that Photon has improved a lot since the start and has implemented a lot of feedback, like the compact versions of windows.

I hope they will also sort this sorting issue out.

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