Security connections bonus

I don’t understand, am I looking at it wrong?
for the completed task I get 100 LP from the agent,
security connections lvl2 + 20% bonus
shouldn’t i get 120 lp ?
I checked several missions and I always get them only from the agent, there are no bonuses!

What’s the name of the agent? Are they an agent belonging to the Security Division?

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they were related 1-5 by Agent Aduna Melubier Division: Security 0.8 Eglennaert I - Moon 4 - Federal Intelligence Office Logistic Support

Thanks! Do you have a before / after screenshot or spreadsheet documenting the LP you were getting before and after skilling up Security Connections?

How it works is when you hit „request mission“ button the rewards shown to you by the agent already reflect your skills at the time you pushed that button.

If you’re pushing it now and are being offered 100LP, that’s with your bonus. So you need a screenshot of the same mission from before you skilled up Security Connections to see them offering you 83 LP.

If you do have that evidence that it was 100LP before skilling up and 100LP after then that seems like a bug. But nowhere will the UI generally separate out „base“ and „bonus from skill“ rewards. That’s on you to track.

As far as I understand, the agent gives a reward with a bonus? if so then is it ok ?!?

It won’t state there is a bonus, it’ll simply give the adjusted amount.

The bonus reward is completing the missions in a certain timeframe. Its usually an item or isk.